Art & Architecture in Florence

June 29–July 14: Join Geoff Flack and Carol Hendricks for this unparalleled opportunity to study the art and architecture of the Renaissance while refining your drawing skills in Florence, Italy! Learn more HERE!

Bas-Relief Sculpting

Apr 29–Apr 30: Develop drawing skills beyond 2d by working compositions in clay in our weekend workshop Bas-Relief Sculpting, with Mardie Rees, and learn the skills needed to create subtle details in relief. Learn more and register HERE!

Portrait Painting in Oils

Apr 8-Apr 9: Explore the traditional portrait painting in oil inspired by the techniques of Velasquez, Hals, and Sargent, and other historical artists in our weekend workshop, Portrait Painting in Oils, with Brandy Agun. Gage South location. Register HERE.

Art History Lecture Series

Weds Apr 12–May 3: This spring, take an intimate look inside the artists and movements that helped shape art in the 20th Century at one of Gage’s incredible Art History lectures! Learn more HERE!

What a Relief:The Paint Thickens

Apr 4-Apr 9: Join Barbara Noah in weekend workshop, What a Relief and discover techniques for creating images with thick relief surfaces: The Paint Thickens. Learn more and register HERE!

Alla Prima Portrait Painting

Mar 27–Mar 31: Join our special guest instructor Irvin Rodriguez, the artist from Brooklyn NY, for Gage’s  weeklong workshop, All Prima Portrait Painting! You’ll work in oil and focus on painting the head and shoulders. Learn more and register HERE.

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