Abstract Painting: Shape and Form

Julia Ricketts is a painter with a twenty-year career of exhibitions in the Northwest. She holds a BFA from Alfred University and has received grants from 4Culture and the The King County Arts Commission as well as residencies at Centrum and the Pilchuck Glass School. Her work is held in the collections of Microsoft, Oregon Health Sciences University, the Tacoma Art Museum, and in numerous private collections.
1/15-3/26, no class 2/5
6:30-9:30 P.M.
All Levels Welcome
Gage Capitol Hill
Week 1:

  • A pencil, scissors, pencil sharpener, small sketchbook for notes
  • A Canvas Pad 16” x 20” or larger OR 4 primed canvas boards or panels 11” x 14” or similar
  • A roll of blue painter’s tape
  • A ruler
  • A pint or quart of gesso
  • 3” housepaint brush for gesso
  • A paint kit as listed below

Paint Kit:

  • Oil or Acrylic Paints: a basic mixing set that includes red, yellow, blue, black
    and titanium white, OR:

    • 1 tube Black
    • 1 tube Titanium White
    • 1 tube Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red Light, or Napthol Red
    • 1 tube Hansa Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Lt
    • 1 tube Pthalo Blue or Ultramarine Blue
    • Optional: Burnt Siena, Burnt or Raw Umber, Raw Ochre, Titanium Buff, Viridian Green, Payne’s Gray, Magenta or Quinacradone Pink
  • Oils: Painting Medium of your choice and / or Galkyd, 2 lidded jars for mediums and solvents (Gage provides all solvent.)
  • Acrylics: a small bottle of Retarder and a bottle of Golden Glazing Medium , plus a cellulose kitchen sponge and a large container for water
  • Assorted Brushes: Flats, Rounds, and Filberts, your favorites… #4 – #12. We will discuss brushes in the first class if you are not sure what to buy.
  • A Palette knife or two
  • Disposable Wax Paper Palettes or a Large Stay-Wet Palette for acrylics
  • Small cotton rags or roll of blue “shop towels” (purchase at a hardware store)

Painting Surfaces: Weeks 2 – 5:

  • 2 stretched Canvases or Primed Panels 20” x 24”, 24” x 24”, or 24 x 30”
Create, manipulate, and refine abstract shapes and forms, in oil or acrylic paint with the guidance of experienced instructor Julia Ricketts. Modern and contemporary artists serve as our guides, with readings and examples adding context to our in-class explorations. This course will be followed in Spring Quarter by Abstract Painting: Experimental Approaches.