Portrait Drawing: Techniques and Materials – Aron Hart
Monday | 1/15-3/19 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Explore portrait drawing techniques and study the master artists who used them.

Abstract Drawing: From Lines to Layers – Julia Ricketts
Monday | 1/15-3/19 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Master the language of abstraction with a variety of wet and dry drawing media.

Intermediate Figure and Portrait Drawing – Nicholas Enevoldsen
Monday | 1/15-3/19 | 6:30 P.M.-9:30 P.M.

Go beyond the basics to achieve realistic portraits and figures drawn from the model, starting with short gesture poses and working your way up to longer poses.

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Basics of Drawing – Hamid Zavareei
Monday | 1/15-3/19 | 6:30 P.M.-9:30 P.M.

We will start with the study of the line as contour and progressively incorporate value and perspective to create form and space within simple compositions.

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Figure Drawing: New Techniques and Materials – Geoff Flack
Tuesday | 1/16-3/20 | 9:30 A.M-1:30 P.M.

Delve into the art of figure drawing and explore different techniques and materials.

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Perspective Drawing – Geoff Flack
Tuesday | 1/16-3/20 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Explore methods for creating pictorial space using perspective with Core Drawing Atelier instructor Geoff Flack.

Foundations of Drawing II – Terry Furchgott
Tuesday, Thursday | 1/16-3/22 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Gage’s renowned Foundations of Drawing series continues with this second part designed to help you develop confidence and skill at rendering three-dimensional form, texture, and a convincing sense of space and light.

Foundation Figure Drawing: Artistic Anatomy – Aron Hart
Tuesday, Thursday | 1/16-3/22 | 6:30 P.M.-9:30 P.M.

Emphasis in Foundation Figure Drawing: Artistic Anatomy is on anatomy, structure, and form, and relating these studies to the concepts and techniques of figure drawing.

Mixed Media Figure Drawing: Texture, Color, Line – Barbara Fugate
Wednesday| 1/17-3/21 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Use mixed media to make dynamic figure drawings that utilize bold textures, vivid color, and energetic lines.

Beginning Figure Drawing – Josh Chuzi
Tuesday | 1/16-3/20 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Gain technical mastery and intuitive understanding of depicting the human form with instructor Josh Chuzi.
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Foundations of Drawing: The Still-life – Kathleen Moore
Monday, Wednesday | 1/15-3/21 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

In this observational Foundation drawing class, you will become skilled in the art of seeing and proficient in drawing what is before you.

Beginning Portrait Drawing – John Zadrozny
Thursday | 1/18-3/22 | 1:30 P.M.-4:30 P.M.

Master the art of capturing the likeness of a face.

Learn to Illustrate – Edie Everette
Thursday | 1/18-3/22 | 6:00-9:00 P.M.

To become an illustrator you have to think like one.

Botanical Drawing – Kathleen McKeehen
Friday | 1/19-3/23 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

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You will learn to use line to accurately depict plant subjects and then move on to understanding the effect of light on form and how to use shading for three-dimensionality.

Illustration Program – Brian Snoddy
Wednesday | 1/24-3/28 | 6:00-9:00 P.M.

Designed for classical and industry artists alike, the Illustration Program teaches how to create realistic imagery from the ground up beginning in black and white using traditional materials such as graphite, ink, and gouache.

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The Josef Albers Painting Boot Camp – Charles Emerson
Monday | 1/15-3/19 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Explore basic painting requisites of all graduate students entering the Yale School of Art during the final year, as prescribed by the head of the Design Department, Josef Albers.

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Portraits In Watercolor – Hamid Zavareei
Monday| 1/15-3/19 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Experimenting with traditional watercolor techniques including various washes, glazes, and scumbles, you will stretch the boundaries and experiment with looser approaches and different color palettes for flesh tones.

Landscape Painting: Land and Water – Kathleen Moore
Monday | 1/15-3/19 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Try landscape painting with a focus on streams, lakes, and shoreline.

Abstract Painting: Shape and Form – Julia Ricketts
Monday | 1/15-3/19 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Create, manipulate, and refine abstract shapes and forms, in oil or acrylic paint with the guidance of experienced instructor Julia Ricketts.

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Humaira Abid – Miniature Painting
Monday | 1/15-3/19 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Learn the basics of Miniature Painting with renowned contemporary artist and sculptor Humaira Abid.

Advanced Watercolor – Tom Hoffmann
Tuesday | 1/16-3/20 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Designed for the experienced watercolor painters seeking to refine their practice and strengthen their personal style.

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Nicholas Enevoldsen – Figure Painting in Oils
Wednesday | 1/17-3/21 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Exploring the richness of oil paint, create a long pose figure painting from direct observation and learn a step-by-step approach for capturing a model’s likeness.

Beginning Watercolor – Tom Hoffmann
Wednesday | 1/17-3/21 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Develop an understanding of transparent watercolor that allows you to make conscious choices regarding color, value, wetness, and composition before the brush ever touches the paper.

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Still Life Painting in Oils – Jim Phalen
Wednesday | 1/17-3/21 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Work through a series of exercises with New York Times-reviewed artist Jim Phalen and complete one monochromatic and two color paintings using still-life as your motif.

Intermediate Watercolor – Tom Hoffmann
Wednesday | 1/17-3/21 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Work with increasingly complex subjects as you expand your understanding and dexterity of watercolor.

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Oil Painting Fundamentals – Hamid Zavareei
Wednesday | 1/17-3/21 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Develop a foundational knowledge of material and technique through hands-on exercises aimed at helping you understand the mechanics of oil painting.

1 Spot Remaining!

The Science in Art and Techniques of the French Impressionists – THE 9 WEEK COURSE- Valerie Collymore
Wednesday | 1/17-3/21 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Explore the Science in Art, while integrating this scientific knowledge with art-making fundamentals, techniques and practices of the French Impressionists painters.

1 spot remaining!

Abstracting Reality with Color and Composition – Charles Emerson
Thursday | 1/18-3/22| 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Sold out!

An advanced painting class in either oils or acrylics where students abstract to heighten reality by way of the emotional or psychological reasons to create a stronger impact than just a picture.

Matisse and Munch: Color Connections – Barbara Fugate
Thursday | 1/18-3/22| 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Make figure paintings in the manner of Henri Matisse and Edvard Munch using the vibrant palette of each artist.

Portrait Painting – Jim Phalen
Friday | 1/19-3/23| 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Discover the art and practice of portraiture as you learn to compose from observation, acquire strategies for organizing visual information, and study historic precedents.

Color for Painters – Kimberly Trowbridge
Friday | 1/19-3/23| 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Improve your ability to perceive color and to express that vision in your paintings as you learn to accurately observe color relationships and to mix equivalent analogies with oil paint.

Sold Out!

Expressive Portrait Painting – Fong Baatz
Friday | 1/19-3/23| 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Working with a live model, we will explore various portrait painting techniques and approaches to creating an expressive painting with oils.

Painting the Natural World – Kathleen McKeehen
Friday | 1/19-3/23| 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Learn the botanical artist’s classic method of dry-brush watercolor, to paint all types of natural subjects, from birds to bones to botanicals.

Oil Painting for Beginners – Jonathan Happ
Saturday | 1/20-3/24| 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.

Sold out!

In a step-by-step process, learn the methods of oil painting while exploring the still-life genre.

Mentored Studies in Abstraction – Ryan Weatherly
Sunday | 1/21-3/11| 1:00-5:00 P.M.

Join a group of motivated peers for weekly painting sessions in which you complete work in progress, start new work, or develop new ideas, while mentored by a Gage teaching artist.

Mentored Studies in Representation – Jim Phalen
Sunday | 1/28-3/25 1:00-5:00 P.M.

The new Mentored Studies in Representation is designed for students whose work, based on representation and on ideas of how to resolve observation at the pictorial level, focuses on Still Life, Portrait and the Figure.


Gesture Sculpture- Mike Magrath
Tuesday | 1/16-3/20 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Explore the expressive possibilities of clay, wire, and other media.

Figure Sculpting Studio – Mike Magrath
Tuesday | 1/16-3/20 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Experience a clear and intuitive method for mastering the fundamentals of three-dimensional modeling, as well as developing advanced skill in sculpting.

Constructive Anatomy- Michael Magrath
Thursday | 1/18-3/22 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Study the fundamental forms and proportions of the human body.

Five Week Classes

Beginning Figure Sculpting – Elijah Evenson
Monday | 1/15-2/12|6:30-9:30 P.M.

Learn how to accurately represent the human figure through gesture, proportion, mass, structure, and surface form in three dimensions.

Sold out!

Short Pose Figure Drawing – John Zadrozny
Tuesday | 2/20-3/20 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Learn the foundation of classical figure drawing through the practice of the short pose.

Drawing the Portrait On Toned Paper – Dominique Medici
Tuesday | 1/16-2/13 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Learn to break down the process of drawing the portrait into clear and consecutive steps.

Alla Prima Portrait Painting with the Zorn Palette – Dominique Medici
Tuesday | 1/16-2/13 |6:30-9:30 P.M.

Work Alla Prima as you learn the Zorn palette, limited to only four colors.

Dynamic Detail In Ink And Watercolor – Steven Reddy
Thursday | 1/18-2/15 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Capture highly detailed scenes and learn how to create contour drawings, grisaille underpaintings, and watercolor glazes.
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The Art Of True Collage – Patrick LoCicero
Thursday | 1/18-2/15 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Explore the many varied nuances of making art through collage and glued paper materials.

Petite Nature Scenes: Beginning Watercolor – Willow Heath
Thursday | 1/18-2/15 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Learn the techniques and color mixing to create a series of small, yet magical watercolor nature scenes.

Urban Sketching – Steven Reddy
Friday | 1/19-2/16 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Go on location and create detailed interior drawings.

Beginning Portrait Sculpting – Elijah Evenson
Monday | 2/19-3/19 |6:30-9:30 P.M.

Learn to sculpt the portrait and capture likeness and personality in clay.

Drawing the Figure On Toned Paper – Dominique Medici
Tuesday | 2/20-3/20 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Learn to break down the process of drawing the figure into clear and consecutive steps.

Alla Prima Portrait Painting with the Zorn Palette – Dominique Medici
Tuesday | 2/20-3/20 |6:30-9:30 P.M.

Work Alla Prima as you learn the Zorn palette, limited to only four colors.

Gestural Sculpting & Drawing The Figure – Mardie Rees
Wednesday | 2/21-3/21| 1:30-4:30

Capture the human figure in motion with award winning and internationally recognized artist Mardie Rees.

Sculpting The Human Face – Mardie Rees
Wednesday | 2/21-3/21 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Learn to sculpt the portrait and capture likeness and personality in clay.

Weekend Workshops

Fired Clay Sculpture & Cold Temperature Surfaces – Tip Toland and Meg Murch
Saturday, Sunday | 1/20-1/21 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

A unique opportunity to learn from a dynamic duo! Study surface treatment with nationally renowned sculptor Tip Toland and Pacific Northwest artist Meg Murch.

Sold out!

Pet Portraits in Watercolor – Willow Heath
Sunday | 1/28 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Sold out!

Master easy techniques to create expressive watercolor portraits of your pets or wild animals.


Painting & Photography – Klara Glosova
Saturday, Sunday | 2/3-2/4 | 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

Examine how painting and photography influenced each other throughout history.

The Art of Encaustic Painting – Hamid Zavareei
Saturday, Sunday | 2/10-2/11| 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn the basics of this ancient, luminescent medium, including material, surface, and painting techniques and explore a range of encaustic applications.

Metaphorical Translations in Collage – Patrick LoCicero
Saturday, Sunday | 2/10-2/11 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn the processes and skills needed to energize and make the surfaces of your paintings complex, nuanced and rich with meaning.

Photodocumenting Your Artwork – Michelle Bates
Saturday | 2/10 | 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

This hands-on, all-day, workshop will help you learn how to document your artwork.

The Landscape in the Winter – Suze Woolf
Saturday-Sunday | 2/10-2/11 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore additional ways to make fresh, spontaneous, and spirited landscape paintings without having to stand out in the rain.

Portrait and Pattern: Klimt Inspiration in Acrylic – Terry Furchgott
Friday-Sunday | 2/16-2/18 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore the decorative opulence, rich color, and sensual beauty found in Gustav Klimt’s portraits and depictions of women.

Winter Wonders in Watercolor – Kathleen McKeehen
Saturday, Sunday | 2/24-2/25 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn and practice various wash and dry-brush techniques leading towards an accurate and realistic depiction of your subject.


Sculpting Expressive Faces in Clay – Jeremias Lentini
Saturday, Sunday | 4/14-4/15 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Be introduced to the clay medium by sculptor Jeremias Lentini. Using self-drying clay, students will work from the model to sculpt small-scale faces.

Color Harmony – Larine Chung
Saturday, Sunday | 3/3-3/4 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Take an in-depth look at color and learn how different colors work together.

Spring Flowers in Pastel – Terry Furchgott
Friday-Sunday | 3/9-3/11 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn to create richly colored drawings of individual flowers and complex floral stillifes arraged in glass and ceramic vases using the direct drawing medium of soft chalk pastel.

Photo Editing for Artists – Marisa Vitiello
Saturday | 3/10 | 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

Practice using the tools that are most relevant to processing images of your artwork in Photoshop and Gimp.

The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Content of Color in Abstraction: Watercolor- Linda James
Saturday, Sunday | 3/17-3/18 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Focus on color as the primary element in abstract expression.
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Acrylic Still-Life – Amy Huddleston
Saturday, Sunday | 3/17-3/18 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn about palettes, supports, mediums, basic color principles and basic composition.

Painting The Figure From Photographs – Barbara Noah
Saturday – Sunday | 3/24 – 3/25 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore painting the figure from photography.

Pet Portraits in Watercolor – Willow Heath
Sunday | 3/25 | 9:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Master easy techniques to create expressive watercolor portraits of your pets or wild animals.

Weeklong Workshops

Portrait Drawing – Gary Faigin
Monday-Thursday | 3/26-3/39 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn the essential techniques and concepts of line, value, volume, structure, and composition in rendering complex portraits with portrait artist Gary Faigin.

Figure Drawing on Toned Paper – Juliette Aristides
Monday-Friday | 3/26-3/30 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore atmospheric use of tone in this figure-drawing immersion with renowned Atelier instructor Juliette Aristides.

Portrait Painting in Oil – Dale Zinkowski
Monday-Friday | 3/26-3/30 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Study with New York Grand Central Atelier instructor Dale Zinkowski and work from the live model over an extended pose.
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