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Adult Programs

Classes and workshops for adults are designed to inspire artists of all abilities to reach new heights of creative and artistic excellence. Under the mentorship of professional artists, students develop new skills, explore time-honored techniques, and learn to express their artistic vision with confidence and skill. Daytime, evening and weekend classes and workshops present foundational studies in drawing, painting and sculpting, and feature professional studios and equipment, hands-on learning and a safe and supportive environment.

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Abstracting the Landscape

Experiment with the various methods for inducing abstraction.
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Beginning Acrylic Painting

Develop the skills you need to work with acrylic paint
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Botanical Drawing Basics

Create sensitive, realistic botanical drawings of flora and fauna.
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Cézanne, Morandi & Lessons in Abstraction

Cézanne, Morandi & Lessons in Abstraction.
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Contemporary Egg Tempera Painting

An introduction to the ancient medium of egg tempera, updated for the contemporary painter.
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Designing w/Color & Light!*

Explore the use of color and light to create compelling concept art and environment design.
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Drawing Gestures

Discover how to go beyond just technique.
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Encaustic Painting

Learn the basics of this ancient, luminescent medium.
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Exploring Composition through Shape & Notan

Learn to identify the dark-light composition, and to, “think in notan."
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Exploring the Language of Composition

Learn the basics of compositional grammar.
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Expressive Portrait Sculpting

Learn to animate the face, and how the underlying muscles work to create the expression.
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Illustrative Drawing I (November)

Practice reducing a scene to its key elements.
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Mixed-Media Image Layering

Learn to energize and make the surfaces of your paintings rich with meaning.
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Painting Best Practices – JUST ADDED!

Explore best practices for protecting and preserving your paintings.
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Pastel for Beginners

Learn to work with and enjoy the medium of soft pastel.
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Still-Life Painting w/Carlos Madrid*

Explore the systematic application of complex color strategies.
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The Munsell Color System*

Learn to create a full color wheel, including laying out a full chromatic flesh-tones palette.
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Thoughtful Colors

Explore using color as a critical instrument of thought in contemporary painting.
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Venetian Painting Techniques of the Old Masters

Create master copies and learn to lay the initial paint layer to develop your underpainting.
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