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Gary Faigin

Gary Faigin is the Artistic Director and cofounder of Gage Academy of Art. His paintings explore his two favorite themes: altering one's perception of the commonplace and developing mood through intense contrasts of light and dark.

Faigin received his art training under Robert Beverly Hale at the Art Students League and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He taught in New York at the Art Students League, the School of the National Academy of Design, the New York Academy of Art and Parsons School of Design.

Faigin's paintings have been featured in the 1996 American Artist magazine, and in February 2001 in Southwest Art. His oil and pastel paintings are in corporate and museum collections across the United States. Faigin presented his acclaimed four-part lecture series entitled Seeing the Light: How Renaissance Painters Changed the Way We See at the Frye Art Museum and Seattle Art Museum in the '90s. He is the monthly art critic on The Beat radio show on KUOW, Seattle's NPR station. Retrospectives of his paintings were presented at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle in Summer 2001 and at the Coos Art Museum in Spring 2008. Faigin also guides the Academy's national and international art tours.

To learn more about artist Gary Faigin and view his work, please visit his web site.

A Virtual Visit to an Artist’s Studio: Gage Academy’s Artistic Director Gary Faigin Featured in Launch of Microsoft’s New Imaging Technology

Photosynth, a new technology from Microsoft Live Labs, takes a large collection of photos of a place or object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed 3-dimensional space.

To show off the capabilities of Photosynth, a team of photographers recorded a few intriguing Seattle spots, including the studio of Gary Faigin in Ballard. The studio is filled to the brim with his wacky self-portraits, exploding/vanishing still-life paintings and signature surreal landscapes. This unique photo shoot location was intended to provide a fascinating glimpse into the image potential of Photosynth and the artistic output of this classically-trained painter.

Artist's Statement
In my paintings, I try to strike a balance between the demands of chiaroscuro (the dramatic depiction of light and shade), my desire to create beautiful images, an underlying sense of anxiety and humor. These four elements are in a battle for dominance as I work - some images lean more the one way, some the other. My ideal painting would have the light of Caravaggio, the serenity of Bellini and the attitude of Catch 22.

Faigin wrote/hosted the video, Drawing from the Live Model. He also wrote and illustrated the classic text, The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression (Watson-Guptill, 1990). Extremely popular among artists, illustrators, animators, plastic surgeons and forensic artists both domestically and abroad, the book has been published in French, German, Spanish, German and Japanese translations.

Listen to an interview with Faigin by KUOW's Dave Beck. Faigin talks about his beginnings as an artist and the mentor that changed his career.

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