Aristides, Kang-O’Higgins, Flack, & Faigin Ateliers: May 12-June 2

Opening Reception:  Friday, May 12

Note:  Faigin Atelier exhibition on second floor hallway

Rosen & Steele Galleries
Gage Academy of Art, 3rd Floor

Students of the Aristides Atelier
Current students of the Aristides Atelier present classical drawings and paintings founded in traditional academic techniques while highlighting the artists’ own observational skills. This annual exhibition displays the entire arc of the Atelier demonstrating how students begin with a focus on drawing and advance to full chromatic paintings as they develop a vocabulary to create well-executed and sensitive works of art. With a special focus on the accomplishments of our graduating students: Karin Roth, Danika Rodgers, and Rebecca King.

Students of the Kang-O’Higgins Atelier
This is an annual show of the drawings, paintings and sculpture created by the students of the Kang-O’Higgins Atelier. The KOH atelier has an open aesthetic based on two pillars of study.  Students are required to work in a strong observational tradition whilst also working on their personal imaginative studies. The fusion of observation skills with imaginative practice gives the students a vocabulary with which they can express themselves. How they do that, and what they have to say, is entirely up to them.

Students of the Flack Atelier
This show will highlight drawings done by the current students in the first year of Flack’s core drawing atelier. The Flack Atelier focuses exclusively on drawing to develop core drawing skills with an emphasis on the human figure.  The exercises done are intended to strengthen observational skills and to develop an ability to draw from imagination.  This will allow students to develop more sophisticated renderings and open the door to expressing themselves with a visual vocabulary of their own.

Students of the Faigin Atelier
Faigin Atelier students present their most recent paintings in this annual show.  Using the still life as a tool for the development of their own artistic voice, these student works vary in composition and style, from elaborate, realistic depictions of commonplace objects to more abstracted arrangements that are symbolic and narrative by design.

Youth Curators Exhibition: Gage and NAAM

2016 NAAM Youth Curators

Saturday, April 8th, 12:00pm-2:00pm
Northwest African American Museum
2300 Massachusetts Street, Seattle, WA, Legacy Hall

This spring, Gage Academy of Art and The Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) are teaming up to provide NAAM’s Dr. Carver Gayton Youth Curators a unique studio arts opportunity. The Youth Curator Program at NAAM introduces youth to the philosophy and practices of museum work through creative, community engaged projects on timeless and contemporary topics. Gage will be helping the Youth Curators to work on a fine art project that coincides with and exalts the NAAM 2017 exhibition Elegant Utility, a progressive mural installation.

Join us in the celebration of these young artists: Saturday, April 8th, noon-2pm, Northwest African American Museum, 2300 Massachusetts Street, Seattle, WA, Legacy Hall.


Studio Arts Intensive, Trowbridge, Georgetown, & Magrath Ateliers

Friday, April 14 – Friday, May 5 
Opening Reception:  Friday, April 14

Rosen & Steele Galleries
Gage Academy of Art, 3rd Floor

Students of the Studio Arts Intensive
SAI is a part-time, seven-month program, with classes in drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital arts taught by eleven professional artists.  Unique to SAI, students also experience cohort activities outside the studio and professional development classes.  The student work exhibited highlights the diverse studio classes that make up this portfolio and skill building program.

Students of the Trowbridge Atelier
These works were developed over the past six months while rigorously engaging in the study of color theory, figure painting, master-studies, and design. The Trowbridge Atelier focuses on building a visual vocabulary by using observational studies as a starting point for inventing personal, narrative compositions. Students of the Trowbridge Atelier learn to value the painting process as a meaningful form of self-inquiry. The canvas is the arena where the artist can document and witness internal structures made visual— a personalized mythology unfolding.

Students of the Georgetown Atelier
This is the first annual show at Gage Academy featuring drawings and paintings from the students of Georgetown Atelier. The collection of work will exhibit the progression of the curriculum taught over a two to three year period of time, beginning with a solid foundation in drawing where the students study fundamental subjects such as constructive anatomy, block-ins, value, rendering, composition, and perspective. These principles are reiterated throughout the program, applied first in drawing, and then painting. While there is an emphasis on mastering fundamental techniques, there is also strong encouragement and instruction in visual invention and design to fulfill the ideas and visions of the individual student.

Students of the Magrath Sculpture Atelier
This exhibit will highlight 3D work by students participating in the Magrath Sculpture Atelier.  The Magrath Atelier is a three-year program that focuses on skill building in order to build basis for personal expression.  This year will include exercises and projects used to develop basic skills such as bargues and 3D copies of bones and casts, as well as more developed work by more advanced students.  The exhibition will showcase the efforts to build core skills in drawing, modeling from life, mold-making, casting, and a functional understanding of anatomy, drapery, and composition in the round as well as relief.