“Semillas” by Tenaya Sims

The Georgetown Atelier at Gage Georgetown offers full- and part-time intensive programs in classical drawing, classical painting and digital painting, and is designed to provide students the foundations of classical art as building blocks for imaginative professional artists. Full-time program is designed and taught by Tenaya Sims, who has both extensive training as a classical artist and an industry professional.

The Georgetown Atelier program overview

Full-time Program

The Full-Time Georgetown Atelier is an immersive program, requiring a substantial time commitment. Specializing in classical drawing, classical painting, and digital painting, the full-time program offers the guiding principles of the classics as a flexible system that students can ultimately shape to the needs of their own visions and endeavors. Students work from a live model during the morning, break for lunch, and continue working from their individual studio stations during the afternoons. While students are encouraged to complete a full three years of study, only a one year commitment is required upon enrollment.

Our curriculum is a strategic blend of classical methodologies, formulated to provide a foundation of strength and flexibility. This approach, we believe, not only equips students with the ‘hard skills’ they need, but also maximizes their long-term creative potential.

The curriculum at Georgetown Atelier is a formulation of both observational and constructive methods, designed to provide a balanced education. The founding instructor has both extensive training as a classical artist and an industry professional, and modeled the curriculum from both territories.

Full-time atelier students attend Mon-Fri, 9:30am-4:30pm during academic quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring). Students work from the live model during the morning block (9:30am-12:30pm), break for lunch (12:30pm-1:30pm), and then from their individual stations during the afternoon block (1:30pm-4:30pm).

Part-time Program

The Georgetown Atelier at Gage Georgetown offers 2 distinctive part-time programs during fall, winter and spring: the Classical Part-time Program and Illustration Part-time Program. Each one offers hands-on, apprenticeship-style training from expert instructors during weekday evenings.

Classical Part-time Program:

"Alchemist 2" by part-time instructor Ginger Mills

“Alchemist 2” by part-time instructor Ginger Mills

The Part-time Classical Program students forge their foundational drawing and painting abilities as the instructor guides  them through a sequential curriculum over a one year period. However, this timeline is the default template and can be individually adjusted per discussion with the instructor.

Usually students have evening classes two times a week. The class is a combination of a students’ work from individual projects (still-life, casts, master copies and other) and a work from a live model. During class, the instructor works with students individually and demos or lectures when appropriate.

This program is perfect for beginning and experienced students who are serious about building a classical foundation, but are unable to accommodate the time commitment of a full-time Atelier.

Illustration Part-time Program

"Arabian Nights" by Brian Snoddy

“Arabian Nights” by part-time instructor Brian Snoddy

In the Illustration Part-time Program, students learn how to build realistic imagery from the ground up. This class is geared toward classical artists and industry artists alike. Students learn how to understand the visual properties that surround us, not just copy them. For example, if an artist understands what properties make glass of wine look like a glass of wine, and how the environment around it affects its appearance, they can paint one into their composition convincingly without necessarily setting one up in their studio.

Using traditional materials (graphite, ink, and gouache), students first learn core illustration abilities in black and white. These subjects include layering, blending, and rendering various types of surfaces, such as wood, metal, rusted metal, etc. Students then learn more advanced techniques in color. After establishing core abilities, they work on a series of projects, building in scope and complexity over time.

This class is an ongoing program that has a 1 year curriculum cycle. While it is optimal to begin in the Fall term, students may begin at the beginning of any term if there are any openings. Students may also choose to continue their ‘apprenticeship’ past the 1 year cycle. For these students, their projects are tailored to further growth and reduce redundancy if necessary.


The Georgetown  Atelier (the both programs) is located at Gage Georgetown at Equinox Studios,  (6520 5th Ave S) in the historic Georgetown neighborhood in South Seattle.

2017-18 Academic Year: Monday, September 11-Friday, June 15

Fall: September 11 – December 9
Winter: January 9 – March 24
Spring: April 10 – June 16

Fall: September 20 – December 3
Winter: January 17 – March 23
Spring: April 11 – June 15

2017-18 Academic Tuition:

The Georgetown Atelier (full-time): $7,995.
Payments are made per quarter, with a 1 year minimum commitment. A $500 deposit due before starting.
The Georgetown Atelier (part-time): quarterly tuition.

  • Classical Program:$ 765/quarter
  • Illustration Program:$ 435/quarter

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