“Semillas” by Tenaya Sims

The Georgetown Atelier at Gage Georgetown offers full- and part-time intensive programs in classical drawing, classical painting and digital painting, and is designed to provide students the foundations of classical art as building blocks for imaginative professional artists. Full-time program is designed and taught by Tenaya Sims, who has both extensive training as a classical artist and an industry professional.

The Georgetown Atelier program overview

Full-time Program

The Full-Time Georgetown Atelier is an immersive program, requiring a substantial time commitment. Specializing in classical drawing, classical painting, and digital painting, the full-time program offers the guiding principles of the classics as a flexible system that students can ultimately shape to the needs of their own visions and endeavors. Students work from a live model during the morning, break for lunch, and continue working from their individual studio stations during the afternoons. While students are encouraged to complete a full three years of study, only a one year commitment is required upon enrollment.

Our curriculum is a strategic blend of classical methodologies, formulated to provide a foundation of strength and flexibility. This approach, we believe, not only equips students with the ‘hard skills’ they need, but also maximizes their long-term creative potential.

The curriculum at Georgetown Atelier is a formulation of both observational and constructive methods, designed to provide a balanced education. The founding instructor has both extensive training as a classical artist and an industry professional, and modeled the curriculum from both territories.

Full-time atelier students attend Mon-Fri, 9:30am-4:30pm during academic quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring). Students work from the live model during the morning block (9:30am-12:30pm), break for lunch (12:30pm-1:30pm), and then from their individual stations during the afternoon block (1:30pm-4:30pm).


The Georgetown  Atelier (the both programs) is located at Gage Georgetown at Equinox Studios,  (6520 5th Ave S) in the historic Georgetown neighborhood in South Seattle.

2017-18 Academic Year: Monday, September 11-Friday, June 15

Fall: September 11 – December 9
Winter: January 9 – March 24
Spring: April 10 – June 16

Fall: September 20 – December 3
Winter: January 17 – March 23
Spring: April 11 – June 15

2017-18 Academic Tuition:

The Georgetown Atelier (full-time): $7,995.
Payments are made per quarter, with a 1 year minimum commitment. A $500 deposit due before starting.
The Georgetown Atelier (part-time): quarterly tuition.

  • Classical Program:$ 765/quarter
  • Illustration Program:$ 435/quarter

For an application process, please download and submit the follow forms:

Full-time program:

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