The Georgetown Atelier at Gage Academy of Art is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in traditional drawing and painting, and features a curriculum of both observational and constructive methods to provide a balanced education. Founding instructor Tenaya Sims, a graduate of the Aristides Atelier, has both extensive training as a classical artist and an industry professional, and has modeled the curriculum from both territories.

Tenaya Sims, "Julie Sanguine," Oil

Tenaya Sims, “Julie Sanguine,” Oil

The full-time Georgetown Atelier at Gage South offers students a variety of programs to meet the needs of diverse interests, budgets and schedules. The Comprehensive Classical Program is designed around a 3 year time-line that explores constructive anatomy, the block-in, limited value studies, rendering basic composition, paint handling and materials and perspective, and, finally, color relationships and advanced painting.

The Classic Foundation with Digital Painting mirrors the Comprehensive Classical Program during the 1st year. During the 2nd year, students learn traditional painting in grayscale alongside of the digital painting (on Saturdays in the Digital Painting Part-Time Atelier). Once a student has demonstrated sufficient capability with traditional paint handling in grayscale and warm/cool, they have the option of executing their weekday projects digitally.

The Drawing Intensive mirrors the 1st year Comprehensive Classical Program.


Atelier instructor Tenaya Sims. Photo by Spectrum House Salon & Photo.

Atelier instructor Tenaya Sims. Photo by Spectrum House Salon & Photo.

The Georgetown Atelier at Gage Academy of Art also offers a range of part-time atelier programs to help students forge their foundational drawing and painting abilities, and is perfect for both beginning and experienced students who are serious about building a classical foundation, but aren’t able to accommodate the time commitment of a full-time Atelier.

The Digital Painting Part-Time Atelier encourages students to bring their imagination to life using Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet as their medium. During each project, students are encouraged to think beyond their images and to design the realities of the worlds they are creating.

The Illustration Part-Time Atelier utilizes traditional illustration techniques and materials to help students build a core set of abilities before working on a series of projects that build in scope and complexity over time.

To set up an appointment to meet with one of the atelier instructors during the academic year, please e-mail Adult Programs Manager Carol Hendricks, call 206.323.4243, x15 or 800.880.3898, or e-mail Gage Academy of Art for more information.