Beginning Acrylic

In 1983, Amy Huddleston began formally studying Fine Art at the University of Montana with a focus on ceramics and painting, followed by Commercial Art at the Art Institute of Seattle about a year or two later. I left both institutions early to study painting independently.

Huddleston works predominantly in acrylic, and occasionally, casein. She originally created representational works which were not based on observation. Now she works entirely from observation, with a muted and limited palette.

Currently, through her new understanding of observing, she makes small works to help refine the “how” of her process and integrating more color into her palette by experimenting on smaller panels.

9/7 (one day)
9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.
Gage Capitol Hill
This course is designed to introduce the basic techniques and principles of acrylic still-life painting to those with little or no experience. Explore color, texture, and transparent/opaque use of acrylic paint in producing a realist still-life.