Landscape Painting

Born in Wisconsin and raised in Montana, Ned Mueller has been drawing and painting all of his life. He graduated from the prestigious Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles where he also taught drawing while still a student. His love for life and art is reflected in his superb paintings of a wide range of subjects including Portraits, Figures, Animals and Landscapes, both studio and plein air.

Ned worked as an illustrator for 25 years while building a solid foundation of professionalism and has worked as a successful full time artist since 1984. He continued to enhance his knowledge and skills by taking workshops with master artists Harley Brown, Richard Schmid, Bettina Steinke, Del Gish, and Sergei Bongart.

He has written several articles on painting for the Artists Magazine, is called upon to jury shows, and is a popular and enthusiastic workshop teacher around the country and abroad.

He is a signature member of The Plein Air Painters of America, Portrait Society of America, The California Art Club, The Northwest Watercolor Society, Northwest Pastel Society (Distinguished Pastelist), Northwest Rendezous Society, Laguna Plein Air Painters , Puget Sound Group of Northwest Painters and the American Society of Marine Artists. He is the only Northwest Artist that is designated a Master Signature Artist by the Oil Painters of America and The American Impressionist Society.

He exhibits his work in some of the finest shows and galleries in the country and has won numerous awards. He has been invited to participate in the Great American Artist Show, Artists of America Show, Plein Air Painters of America, Oil Painters of America, National Academy of Western Art, Knickerbocker Show, The Northwest Rendezvous Group, The California Art Club, The Salmagundi Club, Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists, Pastel Society of America, American Society of Marine Artists and the Autry Western Masters Show. He continues to challenge and improve his work on location and in the studio.
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9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Gage Capitol Hill
Oil Paints:

  • titanium white
  • cadmium yellow lite
  • cadmium orange
  • cadmium red lite
  • alizarim crimson
  • transparent brown oxide
  • chromium green oxide
  • viridian
  • cobalt blue
  • ultramarine blue
  • ivory black

Brushes: I mostly use bristle brushes, mainly filberts and brights #2,#4,#6,#8,#10. I
usually have at least two or three of each. I will use some round sables for detail or to sign my name.

I mostly use ready made oil primed linen panels to paint on, anywhere from 4″x6″ to 12″x16″ to paint outside. Bring a variety of sizes including 8″x10″,9″x12″,11″x14″ to paint on. Some places to get panels are:,,
Linen panels are a bit expensive and a good canvas panel will do.

Have a good easel such as the French easel, backpack easel or one of the many good pochade paint boxes on the market. Some of them are:, and

Have a good size container to clean your brushes with and a small cup for your medium. I use odorless Turp to clean brushes and for my medium. I usually use a glass or plexiglass palette, wood palettes are fine as are the fold out palette pals. Please, no paper palettes. I have a palette knife and/or a scraper to clean my palette and a roll of paper towels to clean my palette and brushes with.

Have some comfortable shoes and practical clothes for whatever weather one may encounter. Do not wear any bright shirts or such that might reflect color into your painting surface. A hat or visor to keep the sun out of your eyes and a plein air umbrella is optional, but does come in handy.

A wet painting box does come in handy and can be bought at most art supply or plein air painting outfits. Equipment and paints do get expensive, and do the best you can, but cheap paints,brushes and panels can really keep a person from doing their best work.

The first day or so we will probably just be doing smaller studies in the 6″x8″ to 9″x12″ range to get people warmed up.

Bring a good sense of humor and we will work hard and have a good time doing it!!

Landscape painting is about learning how to see, interpret, compare and edit the shapes and colors of the scene we choose to paint. In this workshop we will try to see things less literally and more in an ‘abstract’ way. Artists will work on what makes a plein air painting work: the mood, rhythm, and movement along with a stimulating and compelling arrangement of values, masses, and color. Instructor will do class demonstrations and a group critique, as well as work with each individual to meet their personal needs.