Painting and Photography

Klara Glosova is a Czech-born visual artist currently based in Seattle. She is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in drawing and painting. Her work intertwines her personal history of growing up in Eastern Europe with her experience as an artist and mother and (above all) a curiosity and playfulness that extends to both concept and materials. Klara is also a founder of NEPO House and is always interested to see what happens when you place the inside out, invite the outside in and generally do things backwards. She was awarded Seattle Magazine’s 2013 Spotlight Award, Seattle Art Museum’s 2014 Kayla Skinner Special Recognition Award, the New Foundation Fellowship, and was nominated for 2015 Stranger Genius Award.
Saturday, Sunday
10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Gage Georgetown
All Levels Welcome
– Watercolor paper pad (Canson Montwal or similar) 18 x 24
– High flow Golden acrylics:
Carbon black
Quinacridone magenta
Phthalo Blue (green shade)
Hansa yellow medium
– Brushes
Round pointed soft synthetic – few sizes between 4 – 10
Square wash – ¾ or 1”
– Cup for water
– Pencil (soft 6B)
– Colored pencils
– Gum eraser or similar
– Artist tape
– Collection of photographs to reference – found, self-taken, personal, images from publications (basically source material)
– Camera phone (if you have it)
Photographs are much more than a sketching device for a painter. They have reframed the way we see reality and the way we receive visual information. But this influential relationship works both ways as many painters today practice what Gerhard Richter called a “photography by other means.” Geared primarily toward painters, this class will examine how painting and photography influenced each other throughout history. We will study historical examples and integrate this knowledge into our practice through hands on projects.