Painting The Circus With Pastel

A gifted artist and a talented teacher, Terry Furchgott has made art her career and her passion for over forty years. She is currently represented by the Lisa Harris Gallery of Seattle, WA. Working primarily in acrylic and soft pastel, her paintings focus on the figure and are notable for their depth of color, strong, innovative compositions and exploration of the archetypal nature of human relationships. Furchgott received an honors degree in art history from Radcliffe College and studied classical drawing and painting at the Camden Arts Center, London. She brings a broad understanding of art history, seasoned practical experience, a continuing creative excitement and a questioning mind both to her creative process and to her work as a teacher. Furchgott has been the recipient of Individual Artist Awards and Fellowships from the Washington State Arts Commission, the King County Arts Commission and Artist Trust.

Along with her studio work she has also pursued a successful career in public art, completing large-scale commissions for the Seattle Center House, the Kent Regional Justice Center, the United States Post Office, the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Portland, the Fairbanks School District, Olympia High School and the Washington State Arts Commission among others. A community activist, Furchgott has used her talents as an artist to design and coordinate several key community projects including the Art to the People Project, a multidisciplinary arts celebration of Seattle’s African Americans, the Southeast Asian Poster Project and the Garfield High School Mentoring Program.
She is represented in key Northwest collections and her work can be viewed at the Microsoft Corporation, the WA Sate Arts Commission, the Seattle Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center, the UW Medical Center, Continental Bank, McDonald’s Corporation, Providence Hospital, Group Health, Federal Home Loan Bank, and the United States Postal Service.

9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Model Included
All Levels Welcome
Gage Capitol Hill
NOTE: There will be a $15 Materials Fee collected at the first class to cover the costs of additional materials (supplementing the supplies on this list which are the student’s responsibility!) bought in bulk by the Instructor to keep student costs down. All materials will be shown and discussed on the first day, so if you are not sure about anything make sure it is returnable and don’t use/open it until we meet. Please contact me with any questions: Terry at (206) 919-0993;


  • 5 sheets white sketch paper 18″x24″, 80 or 90 lb, appropriate for pastel
  • 1 sheet Art Spectrum Colourfix Sanded Paper approx. 20″x26″ – Warm Umber
  • Canson Mi-Teintes Paper, approx. 19″x25″: 2 sheets Sand; 1 sheet @ of Turquoise, Yellow Orange, Violet; 1 sheet of either Red or Orange


The following are two options of which pastels to buy – Option #1 is more complete but more expensive; Option #2 is cheaper but also okay:

Option #1:

  • Prismacolor Nupastels – set of 48
  • Rembrandt Pastels (bought singly): Light Yellow #201.5, Raw Umber #408.3, 408.9

Option #2:

  • Prismacolor Nupastels bought singly (these pastels are sold singly at most art stores; if the name is in parentheses it is descriptive rather than the brand name which I do not know, though the number is always official and correct): 211 White, 277 Ivory, 286 Madder Pink, 246 Rose Pink, 243 Light Ochre, 285 Indigo Blue, 275 (Deep Blue), 229 Black, 213 Sanguine, 266 Pale Vermilion, 275 (Yellow Orange), 222 Burnt Orange, 219 Warm Grey, 353 Cardovan, 318 Citrine Green, 204 Sandalwood, 336 Carnival Red, 448 Eden Green, 254 Hyacinth Violet, 245 Light Turquoise, 304 Orchid, 406 Flamingo, 238 Emerald Green, 208 Sap Green
  • PLUS: Rembrandt Pastels bought singly: Light Yellow #201.5; Raw Umber #408.3, 408.9, Red Violet #545.5, Permanent Rose #397.9

Additional necessary pastels/colors of these brands plus other more expensive brands will be supplied by Instructor.

  • Vine charcoal, Soft or Extra Soft – 2 or 3 sticks
  • Compressed Charcoal (round stick) – 1 stick of either Pitt – Soft, or Cretacolor – Medium Compressed Charcoal
  • Pencils – 1 B or HB


  • 1 kneaded eraser
  • 1 old toothbrush (VERY important)
  • 1 rag
  • 1 roll ¾” Artist’s Tape

Optional: 1 can Degas Casein Base Workable Matte Fixative

Optional: 1 metal bulldog clip

Together we’ll use the intense colors and rich texture of soft pastel to capture the essence of models posed in lively circus costumes and theatrical set ups. We’ll complete multiple studies and finished work, practicing accurate drawing, pastel layering techniques, and key composition basics, creating lively works full of bold color and the subtle interplay of light and shadow.