Gage Guided Tour with Mike Magrath at Portland Art Museum
Rodin: The Human Experience

2017 | Friday, March 17

Join Atelier instructor Mike Magrath for a tour of the beautiful exhibit Rodin: The Human Experience at the Portland Art Museum. In addition to touring the exhibit, you will also tour the museum’s permanent collection of important Old Master works and enjoy lunch in Portland.

Photo of Portland Art Museum

Bonnard & the City by the Bay: San Francisco w/Charles Emerson

2016 | May 13-17

san francisco (2)
Gage students experienced the thriving art scene of San Francisco through the eyes and insights of abstract expressionist Charles Emerson. His exceptional understanding of form, spatial and atmospheric modeling with color brings new dimension to a survey of San Francisco’s arts galleries, museums and artist studios.

The tour offered a particular spotlight on the exhibition Pierre Bonnard: Painting Arcadia, at the Legion of HonorEmerson also lead a tour of the newly reopened San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) which is now the largest modern art museum in the ba area.  SFMOMA has hundreds of modern art masterpieces and contemporary works including painting, sculpture, photography, video and installations and will reopen to the public this spring.



NYC w/ Mark Kang O’Higgins

2016 | April 11-14


This past April, a group of Gage Art Tour students joined Mark Kang-O’Higgins for an unforgettable journey to the artistic and cultural capital of the world! They were immersed in the vibrant neighborhoods and destinations of Manhattan’s eclectic art scene, including guided stops at the Guggenheim, MoMA and the Met; and experienced the artistic heartbeat of the Big Apple with special access to masterworks at the City’s great museums, including entrée to special collections and studios.

They dove deep dive into the art scene of New York takes you into the city’s most hallowed art schools and galleries and to the studios of some of the country’s premier artists.

This was an unfiltered look at the artist’s life in NYC. Mark Kang O’Higgins has designed this tour to inform and educate you about the art world in New York and help demystify the NYC artist’s career path from beginner to professional. Because of the special access to artists, galleries and museums, atelier students have found this tour to be a life and career changing experience.


Eight Million Voices: Mexico City w/Gary Faigin

2016 | April 6-10

Mexico City, panorama

Mexico City, panorama

In April 2016, Gary Faigin hosted an an all-inclusive luxury art tour of Mexico City. Highlights included group meals at renowned restaurants, 5-star accommodations at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel located just steps from Chapultepec Park and the exclusive Polanco neighborhood, private access to museums along with visits to local homes featuring art collections not available to the general public.

Mexico City tour from 2016


The Art & Culture of Cuba w/Michael Magrath

2015 | October 22 – 29

In October 2015, students traveled with celebrated Gage atelier instructor Michael Magrath to this once forbidden island, and experienced the rich diversity, breathtaking natural beauty and stunning artistry of a land steeped in history and conflict.

Cuba Tour In Pictures:


Northern Italy w/Gary Faigin

Brunelleschi’s Dome

The Art, Food & Wine of Venice, Padua, Florence & Rome

2015 | March 29 – April 9

In March 2015, Gage Academy of Art Artistic Director Gary Faigin took students on an unforgettable 11-night adventure through the picturesque towns, unique culture and breathtaking art of Northern Italy, including stops in Venice, Padua, Florence and Rome.