The Poetry Of Watercolor And Nature

Suze has been drawing all her life. After an initial undergraduate degree, she pursued fifth-year studies in printmaking and ceramics at the University of Washington. Her professional career has included the graphic design of printed materials and interface designs for commercial and prototype software applications. In the last few years she has devoted herself to the watercolor medium. From traditional landscape sketches –she calls them her love letters to the planet—to large scale industrial subjects and the numbering systems on utility poles, she loves to bring attention to what people don’t usually notice. She finds intense visual experience to capture everywhere she looks.
1:30-4:30 P.M.
All Levels Welcome
Gage Capitol Hill and Nearby Locations
Watercolor and Nature are a good match. An immersion in the natural world is an abiding lifelong value, and through watercolor we will learn to convey the spirit of the outdoors in strong, bold paintings. Under the guidance of watercolorist extraordinaire Suze Woolf, learn how to make paintings that go beyond copying the appearance of a place to paying tribute to its spirit. Indoor exercises will lead to understand the unique properties of watercolor and what makes it so dynamic. Weather permitting, we will venture out to nearby locations to apply these principles to the more challenging task of composing a painting from life outdoors.