Weekend Workshops at Gage are affordable and engaging – featuring small class sizes, intimate instruction and immediate feedback. Scroll down to view Weekend Workshops for adults in drawing, painting and sculpting – and click on the link to register.

For more information, or for help with registration, email, or call 206.323.4243, x10.

Bas-Relief Sculpting – Rees
Saturday – Sunday 4/29-4/30

Develop drawing skills beyond two-dimensions by working with compositions in clay.
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Color Theory & Color Mixing – Chung
Saturday – Sunday 6/3-6/4

Learn color mixing techniques and understand specific color terms (hue, value, chroma).
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Encaustic Painting – Zavareei
Saturday – Sunday 5/6-5/7

Explore the basics of the ancient medium of wax in your paintings as you create beautiful images.
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Figure Exploration: Expressing Narrative through Color, Composition and Gesture- Liao
Saturday-Sunday 5/6-5/7

Develop an expressive paitning that tells a story through references, sketches and color studies.
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Mixed Media Painting – Zavareei
Saturday-Sunday 5/20-5/21

Extend your painting arsenal to encompass and incorporate non-traditional media and techniques.
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Plein Air Painting on the Hood Canal at Alderbrook – Albala
Tuesday – Thursday 7/25-7/27

Paint the natural beauty of the Olympic Mountains in Alderbrook, Washington.
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The Science in Art and Techniques of the French Impressionists – Collymore
Saturday-Sunday 5/6-5/7

Learn about the topics of science in art while integrating this scientific knowledge with artmaking.
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