Weekend Workshops at Gage are affordable and engaging – featuring small class sizes, intimate instruction and immediate feedback. Scroll down to view weekend workshops for adults in drawing, painting and sculpting for fall 2016 – and click on the link to register.

For more information, or for help with registration, email, or call 206.323.4243, x10.

Botanical Watercolor: Autumn Cornucopia – McKeehen
Saturday-Sunday 10/15-10/16

Learn to use watercolor washes to capture the variety of colors, textures and shapes of fall.
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Color Magic with Watercolor – James
Saturday-Sunday 11/5-11/6

Learn how to create exceptional color in abstract watercolor painting.
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Contemporary Still Life Painting – Chung
Saturday-Sunday 10/29-10/30

Learn how to start a painting through brush handling, color and texture.
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Creating An Autobiographical Box – LoCicero
Saturday-Sunday 10/22-10/23

Create personal three-dimensional art pieces using a variety of media.
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Cut Paper: Layering & Color – Iida
Saturday-Sunday 10/8-10/9

Learn the art of cut paper to create unique compositions. Students will experiment with mixed media.
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Demystifying Watercolor – James
Saturday-Sunday 10/1-10/2

Become familiar with the tools, paper and pigments to learn the basics of watercoloring.
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Drawing the Human Head for Painters – Steele
Wednesday-Friday 12/7-12/9

Head Drawing for Painters
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Gestural Sculpting – Rees
Saturday-Sunday 12/10-12/11

Learn to capture a variety of gestures of the human figure at a small scale from life.
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Introduction to Linocut Prints – Hamrick
Saturday 10/1-10/2

Explore the techniques used to create your own linocut print.
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Painting the Alla Prima Figure – Coberly
Saturday-Sunday 11/12-11/13

Learn how to quickly capture the most essential qualities of the figure.
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Pastels: Luminous Fruit, Radiant Flowers – Furchgott
Friday-Sunday 11/4-11/6

Learn to reproduce the rare beauty of flowers simply and accurately.
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Writing About Art – Arnold
Saturday 9/17-10/1

Learn to look critically at art and then translate that into writing!
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