Get inspired with Gage’s intensive, and thought-provoking Weeklong Workshops! Scroll down to view Weeklong Workshops for adults in drawing, painting and sculpting – and click on the link to register.

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Alla Prima Floral Painting – Byrnes
Saturday 8/5 – Tuesday 8/8

Learn to create an alla-prima floral painting from life with lively detail.
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Cityscape Painting in Seattle: Georgetown – Van Dyck
Monday-Friday 8/7-8/11

Learn strategies for simplifying complex environments to develop a compelling sense of space.
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Color For Painters – Gury
Monday – Friday 11/27 – 12/1

Learn the core theoretical traditions of color with lectures, demonstrations and studio exercises.
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Figure Structure Drawing – Flack
Monday – Friday 8/28-9/1

Explore the human figure’s complex construction, and learn to draw a figure from observation.
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Imaginative Realism – Sims
Wednesday-Friday 8/2-8/4

Learn fundamentals of observational methods of working and extend into the imaginative.
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Portrait Drawing – Vavagiakis
Monday – Friday 8/14 – 8/18

Focus on the methods and tools needed to draw a portrait with accuracy and feeling.
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Portrait Sculpture – Mostow
Tuesday – Saturday 9/5 – 9/9

Learn the capture the likeness of a model in clay with the block-in technique.
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Poster Studies In Oil– Ryder
Monday – Friday 11/27 – 12/1

Learn to understand tonal perception in terms of hue, value and chroma.
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