Craftsmanship is the foundation of self-expression.
-Juliette Aristides

“Soldier II,” Juliette Aristides

The Aristides Atelier, based on time-tested studio traditions, offers the opportunity to study classical drawing and painting techniques with master artist Juliette Aristides.

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Information is presented in a variety of formats intended to enable students of all levels to grasp even the most difficult concepts. You graduate with an unparalleled understanding of the principles of art.
The Aristides Atelier curriculum is designed to provide fundamental drawing and painting skills with a strong emphasis on observation from life. Like the great studios of the past, working from the human figure in life drawing and painting forms a pillar of our program.

With that in mind we spend every morning throughout the year in the life room. The afternoons are spent in your studio working through the atelier’s curriculum of cast drawing, master-copy work and still life painting in a step-by-step progression. As you acquire each skill, new and more challenging projects are assigned. Aristides Atelier students are also provided additional classes in perspective, anatomy, composition, painting techniques and color theory.

The Aristides Atelier Student Gallery

The Aristides Atelier Curriculum

2017-18 Academic Year: Monday, September 11-Friday, June 15

2017-18 Academic Tuition:

The Aristides Atelier (full-time): $8,355 — studio space is included

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