Art Bites

For only $25, you get an hour long, online art class to satisfy your cravings, taught by some of the best artist instructors Gage has to offer!

How to Join

There’s Art, and then there are ART BITES. Made with love, short and sweet treats by your favorite Gage Artist/Chefs. Art Bites makes online art learning delicious. 

Unwrap a bar, break off a piece, savor and repeat. Choose any dish from the menu below and register at the link!

with Sarah Bixler

5/28   The Portrait in Color Pencil
​Using the portrait as a subject, learn to create your own limited palettes in color pencil and explore techniques for rendering the portrait using color and shape relationships. 

6/4   Looking out, painting windows
​We are all spending a lot of time looking outside from our windows.  Why not paint them? Windows are a challenging subject so we’ll look at examples of windows from painters past and current, study their techniques and apply them to our own paintings in gouache or acrylic.

with Kristin Frost

5/29   Spring Nature Scene in watercolor
Learn how to build layers with watercolor to make a landscape.

6/5    Out my Window
Create drawings or paintings based on what you see out your windows.

6/12    Spring Flower Still Life
Paint flowers with watercolor or gouache. Paint flowers from life, based on flowers you have in a vase inside, or from your gardens. 

6/19   Spring Flower Painting Close Up
Paint flowers with watercolor or use colored pencil/markers. Paint using a photo of a flower with a solid color background to capture the details.

6/26   Spring Flower Paper Collage
Using colored paper of any kind learn how to create a layered flower through cutting and gluing paper together. This could double as a homemade card as well.

with Riley Doyle

Come learn to paint the landscape in gouache with instructor Riley Doyle. Each week will encounter a different type of landscape or lighting situation in nature, pulling from photo references to create the piece. Paint along with him, or just watch and see how he works through the different scenarios.
Note: The instructor will be working in gouache paint, students are welcome to join along using other types of paint.

How it Works

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Continue the discussion after class and compare work with your fellow students.