Join Gage Academy of Art Artistic Director Gary Faigin on Wednesday at Capitol Cider Performance Center to learn and discuss modern cultural and art trends.
A Colorful Vision: The cross-cultural world of Alfredo Arreguin
Capitol Cider Performance Space
Wednesday November 28, 6:30 pm

Born in Mexico in 1935 and a resident of Washington State for nearly five decades, Alfredo Arreguin has long been recognized as a major force in pattern painting. His canvases are tapestries that mingle diverse and interpenetrating influences and images. We’ll look at specific paintings and ask him about his sources, his choices, and the question of style. How has his work evolved over time, and how is it informed by recent developments in art and politics?
Making Waves with Wood: The Provocative Sculptures of Humaira Abid
Capitol Cider Performance Space
Wednesday February 20, 6:30 pm

Humaira Abid is a contemporary artist who was born in Pakistan. Her striking and original wood carvings examine women’s roles, relationships, and taboos from a cross-cultural perspective. She has emerged on the local art scene as a unique voice, defying stereotypes and deepening our concept of her often-misunderstood homeland. We’ll talk to her about her journey to her current material and subject matter, and the variety of responses she has received to her work, both here and elsewhere.

Visions of Light and Space: The Radiant Constructions of Iole Allesandrini
Capitol Cider Performance Space
Wednesday April 17, 6:30 pm

Iole Allesandrini defies easy classification. Her works straddle the boundary between art and architecture, sculpture and installation. Her permanent, public works, like her recent re-do of the fountain at Westlake Park, have made her art accessible to a wide audience, few of whom are likely aware to the complex ideas and inspirations that inform her pieces. We’ll look at both her stand-alone sculptures and her public art, taking about the common impulses and challenges of taking her ideas to the streets.