A conversation with Gary Faigin: Alfredo Arreguin
Capitol Cider Performance Space
Wednesday November 28, 6:30 pm

Born in Mexico in 1935 and a resident of Washington State for nearly five decades, Alfredo Arreguin has long been recognized as a major force in pattern painting. His canvases are tapestries that mingle diverse and interpenetrating influences and images: the traditional crafts of his native Michoacan; the lush rainforests of his homeland and of the Pacific Northwest; Japanese ukiyo-e prints; sacred and endangered animals; gods and and totemic figures; icons like Frida Kahlo and Cesar Chavez; and motifs including masks, eyes, and abstractly patterned tiles.


A conversation with Gary Faigin: Humaira Abid
Capitol Cider Performance Space
Wednesday February 20, 6:30 pm

Humaira Abid is a contemporary artist who was born in Pakistan. The main element she works with is wood. Her recent work combines traditional miniature painting with wood sculpture. Her work examines women’s roles, relationships, and taboos from a cross-cultural perspective.

A conversation with Gary Faigin: Iole Allesandrini
Capitol Cider Performance Space
Wednesday April 17, 6:30 pm

Born and raised in Italy, Iole Alessandrini is an artist who has been living in Seattle since 1994. She received her diploma in Fine Arts from the First State School of Fine Arts in Rome and earned two master’s degrees in Architecture: one from the University of La Sapienza in Rome and the other from the University of Washington in Seattle. It is the intersection between these two creative expressions – art and architecture – through which her work moves.