Collage and Value from the Still-Life

Kimberly Trowbridge is a two-time Neddy Award Finalist (2014, 2016), and an Artist Trust GAP Grant recipient (2014). She received an MFA from University of Washington, 2006. She is a plein-air painter, figure painter, installation artist, and performer. She leads plein-air painting tours in Portugal, and Twisp, WA. Trowbridge is passionate about perceiving color relationships in nature and approaches the painting process as a means for self-discovery.
10:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
All Levels
Gage Georgetown
  • Pad of White Drawing/ Sketching Paper, 18” x 24” (this is used for preparing ink sheets, so cheaper/ thinner paper is fine, you do not want thick paper for this, as it is more difficult to collage with)
  • 2 Sheets of heavier-weight paper (Bristol, Watercolor, etc) 18” x 24” or larger (this is the surface for collaging onto)
  • Jug of Black Sumi Ink (I prefer the kind in the green jug)
  • Jug of Walnut Ink (or other brown ink)
  • Pad of Tracing Paper (exact size not important)
  • LOTS of Glue Sticks (I like to have some big, some small. Some people also like to have a jug of
    paste and a palette knife for application)
  • Scissors, Xacto Knife, Ruler, Tape, Black Sharpie Marker, Pencil
  • Drawing Board to fit your heavier drawing paper (extras are available in the studio if you need one)

*Please pre-prepare your ink value sheets by following the instructions here:
Please do full sheets from you black ink, and a scale of half-sheets from your walnut ink
(the darkest values of the walnut ink need to have several coats)

Come collage directly from a still-life installation of figurative casts, fabrics, and other objects, using an elegant palette of prepared papers with walnut and sumi ink. This workshop will focus on the geometric shapes of light/dark and warm/cool to express the illusion of form and the quality of light. Students will develop a dynamic compositions that combine ink washes and graphic collage techniques. Trowbridge will be leading the Florence, Italy Tour in July 2018, and this workshop is an introduction to some of the concepts and methods that will be used when working from the magnificent compositions and statues of the Italian Renaissance.