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Holiday Small Works Exhibition & Sale

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 17, 12:00 – 4:00 P.M.













2018 Drawing Jam: Saturday, December 1, 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. 

Drawn Together

The 2018 Drawing Jam theme is “Drawn Together,” and it’s the perfect time to experience our creative community for yourself.

What to Expect: Our annual community event, Drawing Jam is a high-energy gathering of artists and art lovers that takes place at our Gage Capitol Hill campus. Throughout the day, you can engage with costumed models, drag artists, and performers – fun for artists of every age.

Drawing Jam includes art supplies, access to art instructors, drawing demonstrations, DJ’s, live bands, solo performers and more. If you get hungry, there will be plenty of food, including Off the Rez food truck, breakfast bites and coffee. With the holidays right around the corner, you’ll love the creative selection of gift ideas at our Holiday Bazaar and Small Works Sale.

Northwest Harvest Food Drive: If you plan to attend Drawing Jam, you can help us to help local families in need by bringing along a nonperishable food item.

Tickets: $15 at the door.



Tuesday, November 6, 4-5 P.M.

Capitol Hill Cider Bar to Unveil Master Copy Paintings Celebrating Diversity, Created by Local Seattle Artists.

Artist Jonathan Hodge has completed a mastercopy of J. B. Belley, Deputy for Saint-Domingue by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson


Seattle, WA — Adding diversity to their restaurant gallery, Capitol Cider will reveal new paintings from Gage Academy of the Art students in an unveiling scheduled for November 6.

Capitol Cider has commissioned four master copy paintings from Gage Academy of Art’s Aristides Classical Atelier and will unveil them on Tuesday, November 6 in advance of Capitol Hill’s Art Walk on November 8. The paintings, which were commissioned for the cider bar’s main dining room, will expand their existing art collection to 21 pieces, and add representation of diversity and people of color.

Gage Artists Ovidio Catagena, Jonathan Hodge, Melissa Messer and John Zadrozny will provide master copy paintings portraying the greater diversity of the era from which the original paintings were created. The new artworks include classical portraits of abolitionists, soldiers, freed slaves and Native American leaders that played major roles in early America’s renaissance.

Each painting in the cider bar’s main dining room is a master copy of a classic piece of art, mainly portraits and seascapes. This is in keeping with the bar’s aesthetic, which takes its inspiration from the public houses of early America where cider, before beer, was the order of the day — and conjures up an image of the Old World, the New World and the ocean in between.

“We use master copies as a crucial teaching method for oil painting,” said Julliette Aristides, Instructor of the Aristides Atelier at Gage Academy of Art. “Partnering with Capitol Cider, our students presented ideas of paintings that they would like to reproduce in an effort to learn the techniques of that particular master.” After images were agreed upon, the students set the pricing and Capitol Cider purchased their artwork.

“When we first pursued this project in conjunction with the Aristedes Atelier, we failed to take into consideration the lack of diversity in paintings from this era, and our latest collaboration was an effort to amend that,” said Julie Tall, owner of Capitol Cider. “The fact is, of course, that people of color were instrumental in the founding of America’s democracy, and although somewhat rare, classic paintings of these men and women do, in fact, exist. We are excited to unveil these gorgeous new pieces of art, and celebrate not only diversity, but also the skill and virtuosity of these talented artists,” said Tall.

Since Capitol Cider opened five years ago, the restaurant has partnered with Gage Academy of Art, hosting biweekly Drink & Draw sessions, Art Talks, and by supporting Gage’s annual art auction and gala with food and beverage.

The Tues, Nov. 6 unveiling is open to the public from 4 pm to 5 pm for a no-host cocktail hour before Capitol Cider opens for dinner service. A celebration and more conversation continues downstairs in The Ballast Bar at 5 pm. Capitol Cider is located at 818 E. Pike Street in Seattle.

About Capitol Cider: The largest independent cider bar in the country, Capitol Cider occupies two floors in a 100+-year old building in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. This restaurant, full bar and bottleshop offer an extraordinary selection of ciders on tap, in bottles and in flights. The kitchen is 100% gluten free, and creates a bounty of delicious gourmet comfort food using seasonal and local produce.

About Gage Academy of Art: Gage believes that artists are made, not born, and offers instruction in the principles of drawing, painting and sculpting, to all ages and skill levels. The school has two campuses in Capitol Hill and Georgetown and offers flexible class schedules with a variety of options ranging from weekend workshops to full-time study. Gage’s Aristides Atelier, based on time-tested studio traditions, offers the opportunity to study classical drawing and painting techniques with master artist Juliette Aristides.

Interview Contacts:

Julie Tall, Owner, Capitol Cider l 720.366.7406

Juliette Aristides, Atelier Instructor, Gage Academy of Art l 206.323.4243


Media Contacts:

Josh Potter, Communications Manager

818 E. Pike St., Seattle WA 98122 l 720.366.7406


Lori Greenwood, Director of Marketing

Gage Academy of Art

1501 10th Ave. E, Seattle WA 98102 l 206.323.4243

Twitter: @gageacademy


Friday, October 12, 6-8 P.M. Opening Reception


Until Nov. 5: Departure/Arrival Exhibition 

Artist from top to bottom: Ashwini Sadekar, Tenaya Sims, Cynthia Wessling.


In art, representation is an extremely elastic notion. It can extend from a stone representing a man to the hyper-realistic rendering of the sitter’s likeness. In other words, representation is the way of recording—through a medium such as graphite, pigments mixed with a solvent, or clay—sensory information about an observable object or experience: flowers and game, a landscape, an atmospheric event, or the countenance of a person. 

Although based on observation, representational works can either be very faithful to the object observed, or express more simply a selection of the visual information as in the approach of abstraction, and not embody the need to be retinally true to life. A flower does not have to be portrayed in its living color or bloom, yet its picture, to be recognized as such, must present or symbolize elements relatable to its being a flower – be it the burst of color, the shape of its corolla, or other aspects.

There is vitality and freedom of inspiration in the play between these two ways of seeing and representing what is being observed. 

The exhibition Departure/Arrival presents a selection of works by Gage Academy of Art’s renowned Atelier Program instructors, as well as their students and alumni. Juliette Aristides, Gary Faigin, Geoff Flack, Mark Kang O’Higgins, Mike Magrath, Tenaya Sims, and Kimberly Trowbridge build year-after-year a nurturing relationship with their students, offering them through mentorship a point of departure from which to observe, explore and interpret the nature and culture in which we live.

The works in Departure/Arrival address the breadth of creativity that representation offers to the artists willing to engage with the interplay between observation and imagination, whether as point of departure for their inspiration or as a point of arrival for the viewer’s experience of the work. 

Cornish Playhouse is located at Seattle Center, 201 Mercer Street. 
Departure/Arrival will be on display from September 10 to November 5. 
The public is encouraged to attend the opening reception to be held on September 27, 6-8 P.M.

Exhibiting Artists:

Juliette Aristides
Mark Kang-O’Higgins
Geoff Flack
Tenaya Sims
Kimberly Trowbridge
Mike Magrath
Gary Faigin

Jonathan Hodge
Nathan Brutzman
Cynthia Wessling
Mariana Burceag
Christopher Remmers
Riley Doyle
Kevin Cosley
Ashwini Sadekar
Nancy Bocek
Jeremias Lentini
Kelly Haejung-Paik

About Cornish Playhouse: Owned by the City of Seattle and operated by the Cornish College of the Arts, the Cornish Playhouse at the Seattle Center today hosts more than 30 nonprofit organizations throughout the year as well as Cornish student performances and college-produced events. The main auditorium is in use more than six days per week throughout the academic year (September to May) as is the black box Alhadeff Studio

About Gage Academy of Art: Gage believes that artists are made, not born, and offers instruction in the principles of drawing, painting and sculpting, to all ages and skill levels. The school has two campuses in Capitol Hill and Georgetown and offers flexible class schedules with a variety of options ranging from weekend workshops to full-time study.