Freestyle Hip Hop Movement + Ocean Art

9:30 AM-3:30 PM
Ages 6 – 11
Gage Capitol Hill
Amelia Bolyard has been performing in Seattle for over 20 years, and teaching for 13 years. She provides instruction and creates performance pieces in all genres, for all levels. She designed her own curriculum, focusing on the artist’s free expression, organic movement and community creations.
Willow Heath is a visual artist, watercolor illustrator, art educator, and storyteller. Willow spent her early childhood off-the-grid in the remote Alaskan wilderness, an experience that is reflected in Willow’s art and unique teaching methods. Willow has been exhibiting her paintings in galleries for 20 years and instructing art courses to adults and youth since 2000. Willow’s visual art is composed of watercolor vignette inspirations, each displaying Willow’s eye for detail, realism, and experimentation of the medium. “As a visual artist I create paintings from my personal inspirations, as a teacher I guide my students through the building blocks to create and draw upon their own inspirations. I feel it is integral to enjoy the process of art as much as the outcome. With this in mind I design curriculum that reflect both the inspirational and academic qualities within the creative process.”
Dance is a a celebration of the body, and we will explore its more improvisational expressions through hip-hop, vogue, waaking, and house dance.

Draw and paint underwater ocean scenes and sea life — both real and imagined — while learning painting and drawing techniques with artist and storyteller Willow Heath.