Gage Seminars: the Language of Art

For its 30th Anniversary, Gage is introducing a series of evening seminar style classes on the meaning and role of art from philosophical and historical contexts.

Gage Seminars is open to all students, working artists, and any who want to better understand the nature and potential of art to change our lives and our world. Through readings, lectures and guided discussions participants will consider and come to understand crucial topics in art history and critical thinking. Participants will be expected to do readings before class, upwards of 20 pages per week. Topics will vary from quarter to quarter, and be led by both Gage Faculty and guest instructors.

The Language of Art: DADA; from Paris Commune to Extinction Rebellion – Mike Magrath
Thursday | 9/19 – 11/21 | 6:00 P.M.- 8:00 P.M.

Dada is the primal void, the nonsense that makes sense. It is essentially a language set in opposition to established order. It can be argued Dada changed everything and set the tone for almost all art since. Why? We explore both the social and historical origins of DADA as well as the core precepts and performance art of the Cabaret Voltaire and their followers, their outsize effects on our culture over the intervening years of Surrealism, Situationism, Punk… We also analyze its essential role in contemporary art and mass movements.

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