Gage Spring Art Auction & Gala Saturday, May 12, 2018

Thank you for providing the following information and for donating a piece of art to the 2018 Gage Spring Art Auction & Gala! The answers you provide will help us create the best write-up of you and your art in the Gala Catalog and on the website and help us promote your art effectively.

Please contact Caitlin Stacy with any questions.
Contact Information
Artwork Information

Please provide information about the work you are donating.
Attach an image of your work here. Make sure it is at least 300 dpi and 3000 pixels on its longest dimension. Please note that your image will be used in multiple promotional formats by Gage.

If you prefer, you may email us your image
About the artist

Your responses will likely be edited for space constraints and to conform to the Gage style-guide.
Commission Agreement

Please let us know if you would like to donate the proceeds of your artwork sales to Gage OR if you would like to collect a commission on the sale price of your artwork.

If you choose to receive a commission from the sale of your artwork, 20% of the sale price will be awarded.
Artist Guidelines

Please fill out this form completely.

Choose work that represents your vision and talents as an artist. Upload a quality image of your artwork in the space provided in this form. Alternatively, you may email digital images. Catalog-quality digital images of artwork (at least 300dpi and 3,000 pixels on its longest dimension) are required. If the file size exceeds 9MB, please use (a free ftp site). We will do our best to preserve the color accuracy and quality of your image. The image you send in will be used in multiple promotional formats.

When setting the value of your work, please keep the amount in line with what you would sell similar works for.

If you choose to receive a commission from the sale of your artwork, 20% of the sale price will be awarded.

If you choose to waive the commission: You donate the entire sale proceeds of your artwork in support of the Gage Annual Fund and its mission.

If your work does not sell, Gage will return it to you after the auction.

!!! Due by April 2, 2018 – ARTWORK TURN IN !!!

Please deliver your ‘ready to hang/display’ artwork to Gage.

The front office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm for artwork drop off. Email or call with questions regarding dropping off or other delivery methods.

Our street/shipping address: Gage Academy of Art Attn: Brittany Carchano 1501 10th Ave East, Suite 101 Seattle, WA 98102

*Placement of artwork in the live or silent auction is determined by Gage and its panel of jurors.