Gage teaching artists are exhibiting artists chosen for their merit as artists and teachers. Their goal is to communicate the “how” and “why” of drawing, painting, sculpting and art theory across a range of styles and media.

Click the links below to visit their websites. see examples of their work on our Instructor Artwork gallery page, and learn more in the Gage Video Library.

painting_studentGage Teaching Artists

Mitch Albala
Juliette Aristides
Fong Baatz
Sarah Bixler
Jess Coleman
Larine Chung
Josh Chuzi
Charles Emerson
Elijah Evenson
Gary Faigin
Geoff Flack
Terry Furchgott
Aron Hart
Willow Heath
Tom Hoffmann
Linda James
George Jennings
Mark Kang-O’Higgins
Michael Magrath
Kathleen McKeehen
Dominique Medici
Kathleen Moore
Barbara Noah
Michael Ottersen
Anne Petty
Jim Phalen
Steve Reddy
Julia Ricketts
John Rizzotto
Kimberly Trowbridge
Anthony Waters
Ryan Weatherly
John Zadrozny
Hamid Zavareei

Each year, Gage welcomes nationally- and internationally-renowned artists to present one-, two- and three-day workshops. In addition to the artists listed below – many of whom return on a regular basis – Gage students have studied with Sigmund Abeles, Susie Amato, Michael Bergt, Jacob Collins, Scott Fraser, John Nava, George Nick and many others.

Gage Guest Artists

Guest teaching artist Michael Grimaldi works with a student during his 2014 workshop. Photo by Kathleen Moore

Sharon Arnold
Colleen Barry
Valerie Collymore
Kamille Corry
Jon De Martin
Ellen Eagle
Leonid Gervits
Michael Grimaldi
Al Gury
Geoffrey Laurence
Zhi Lin
Carlos Madrid
Joel Mangin
Ewan McNaughton and Lea Vaughn
John Morra
Nicholas Raynolds
Doug Safranek
Koo Schadler
Jordan Sokol
Kurt Solmssen
Vonn Sumner
Peter Van Dyck
Costa Vavagiakis
Yuqi Wang
Eran Webber