Artwork by Instructor Bri Fecarotta

New Spring Classes for Kids!

Family Workshop: Watercolor Sunsets
with Willow Heath

Saturday | May 8 | 10:00am-1:00pm

Bring the family together for Mother’s Day to learn different approaches to painting magical watercolor sunsets. Create two small sunset scenes while exploring techniques, color mixing, and watching live demonstrations from artist and children’s book illustrator Willow Heath.

All Ages!
Gage 360 Online

The Hero’s Journey: Make Fantasy Comics!
with Brianna Fecarotta

Saturdays | May 22 – Jun 19 | 1:00pm-4:00pm

If you love reading hero stories, daydreaming about good vanquishing evil, if you like knights and dragons, or even just drawing really cool bad guys, then look no further! In this class we will explore something called The Hero’s Journey, which is a commonly used writing tool to make hero stories feel fulfilling and engaging, while making our own comics. Each week we will learn about a different step in the Hero’s Journey, using it to help design your very own hero, villain(s), world, and story to go with it. Wherever you are on your artistic journey, learning about this classic story tool will benefit you in every comic and narrative art you make in the future! At the end, you will come away with at least 4 short comics that tell the epic story of your hero. The possibilities are endless, so come join us in vanquishing our foes – and drawing cool comics!

Ages 7-12
Gage 360 Online

Meet the Instructor

I love visual storytelling, whether be through comics or animation to a single well planned painting. I am currently studying composition and painting with Georgetown Atelier and I am in my third year. I am eager to work with people who love a good story!”

Bri Fecoratta