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Principles Of Perspective Drawing

Faigin offers entertaining lectures for artists of all levels in this five-part lecture series reviewing the principles and history of perspective with demonstrations, drawings and images. Principles of Perspective Drawing (fall) is followed by Anatomy for the Artist (winter) and Drawing the Features of the Head (spring). The lectures can be taken sequentially as a series, or independently of each other.

Constructive Anatomy Lecture Series

Further your understanding of the figure’s complex construction through geometrically breaking down the structures of the body, along with learning a proportion system and key landmarks to help you create more sophisticated figures from observation and memory.

Principles Of Perspective Drawing

The Art History Lecture Series features Gage teaching artists as well as art historians from the Seattle art community has each speaker exploring a different topic. These lectures will be presenting an intimate look inside the artists and movements that helped shape art from the Renaissance through the 21st Century. Register online for a single lecture or the entire fall series, and delve into the techniques, ideologies and personalities that define art in our world.