Off City Island, New York by Francis Augustus Silva. Mastercopy by Stephanie K. Johnson

Off City Island, New York by Francis Augustus Silva.

capital-cider-bar-and-resturaunt-seattle-logo-transparent1The master copies in the Royals and Renegades Gallery and the Ballast Bar at Seattle’s Capitol Cider were created by artists from the Aristides Atelier at Gage Academy of Art.

“There’s no harm in repeating a good thing.”

Gage artist David Dwyer stands with his mastercopy, created at the Frye Art Museum.

Gage artist David Dwyer stands with his master copy of Landscape with Church Towers, by Franz-Xaver Hoch (German, 1869-1916), created at the Frye Art Museum.

These works celebrate a centuries-old technique known as, “master copying,” a foundation of the classical training in the Aristides Atelier.

“Master copies give (students) experience in color mixing, color composition and application. It is such a rewarding process that artists of the past used to continue this practice throughout their careers.

The finished master copy helps reveal how to achieve a perfect resolution, combining excellent technique with insight into the unique self-expression of the master.”

Classical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice
Juliette Aristides

Now YOU can own your very own masterpiece from the Capitol Cider collection!

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Then, email Gage with the name of the masterwork you want copied.

A representative from Gage will be in touch to confirm receipt of your payment and to provide you with a timeline for completion of the work (please allow 4-6 weeks ).

18″ by 24″ Range:     $1,400 – Click HERE
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*PLEASE NOTE: All paintings are oil on canvas, no frames but ready to hang. All sizes represent a possible range – actual sizing will conform to the proportions of the original work. Pricing does not include framing.

Gallery of Master Copies at Capitol Cider