Portrait Drawing

Elizabeth Zanzinger is an award-winning painter with an enthusiastic international following. She developed her artistic voice through her studies at the Aristides Atelier and Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle. Elizabeth finished her education with a fellowship award (Grand Prize, 2nd Annual Utrecht Art Competition) at the Grand Central Academy, New York City, in 2012. Since then she has completed a number of commissioned portraits of accomplished individuals, including former Chief Justice Ronald M. George of the California Supreme Court. This year she served as an honored faculty member for the Portrait Society of America Conference in Washington DC.

Elizabeth’s paintings echo the traditional skills gained from a disciplined classical training, although the work often celebrates non-traditional subjects. Through expert painting from life and rhythmic compositions she imbues mundane subjects with a sense of beauty and wonder. Using strong drawing abilities, skilled brushwork, and luminous color she has combined approaches from multiple influences to create her own unique approach to painting. She is a popular painting and drawing instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area, from which she hails.

9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Live Model
All Levels Welcome
Gage Capitol Hill
Working from a live model, study the complex forms that make up the human head and learn to depict it through tonal rendering. Learn to render the patterns and proportions of the facial structure and planes of the skull beginning with the block in method, and then add/construct individual features. Elizabeth Zanzinger is an award-winning painter with an international reputation. An alumni from the Aristides Atelier, Zanzinger had a fellowship at the Grand Central Atelier and has received many portrait commissions including former Chief Justice George of the California Supreme Court, and several NASA scientists.