Restorative Sketching

Xavier Roache is a Seattle based artist of color who is passionate about self expression through visual art and building community through his work. Since he graduated from Alfred University in 2016, his art has been showcased across the United States and has collaborated with artists in London and Australia. In addition to teaching classes at some of Seattle’s most elite visual art institutions, Gage Academy of the Arts and Seattle Art Museum Roache continues to explore and develop new ways to approach his craft.
1:30-4:30 PM
All Levels Welcome
Gage Capitol Hill
In the Restorative Sketching workshop participants will be introduced to a method of drawing designed to challenge visual thinkers and inspire a higher level of creativity. For example, the Silhouette exercise is a visual conversation between two artists: the first illustrates a flat freeform solid shape and the second is responsible for rendering that figure in under 30 seconds. Activities and games such as this put students in a position where they are forced to react and render quickly. This is a wonderful improvisational space where creativity and play matter above all else. Restorative Sketching is rooted in the philosophy of “Process over Product” in order to conquer creative fatigue, shake off anxiety and erase self-doubt. Students who utilize Restorative Sketching understand the importance of play when further developing creativity.