Tuition Scholarships

Gage Academy of Art Tuition Scholarships embody the school’s mission to educate, enrich, and engage the community by providing access to art education for any student who wishes to pursue or begin their artistic practice. Gage Tuition Scholarships are merit- and need-based awards granted annually by a review panel. Here are this year’s recipients.

2017-18 Tuition Scholarship Recipients

The Stanley R. & Robert E. Wright Foundation for the Arts Scholarship | Grace Flott

This scholarship is dedicated to the continuation of artistic excellence and the creative pursuit of aesthetic beauty through the fields of fine art, commercial art and classical music. This need-based scholarship is awarded to a student age 17-27 who demonstrates outstanding ability and motivation in pursuing a career in their field.

The 2017-18 Stanley R. & Robert E. Wright Foundation for the Arts Scholarship is awarded to Grace Flott in the amount of $5,875.00.

The Allan and Mary Kollar Scholarship | Patrick Ward

This scholarship is designated for a Gage Atelier program student. The Atelier program is designed for artists who intend to pursue profound mastery in the painting, drawing, or sculpture disciplines under the guidance of an internationally-renowned teaching artist.

The 2017-18 Allan and Mary Kollar Scholarship is awarded Patrick Ward in the amount of $1,000.00.

The Dennis Evans & Nancy Mee Scholarship | Nathan Brutzman

This scholarship is established by the artists in support of a Gage student who is experimental in their approach to art making and is not afraid to break the rules.

The 2017-18 Dennis Evans & Nancy Mee Scholarship is awarded to Nathan Brutzman in the amount of $1,000.00.

The Mary Gales Scholarship | Cynthia Wessling

This scholarship is a memorial fund established for a gifted female or female self-identifying artist.

The 2017-18 Mary Gales Scholarship is awarded to Cynthia Wessling in the amount of $900.00.


Stand-by Scholarships

Gage Academy offers Stand-by Scholarships for motivated artists on a need base. We offer full and half tuition assistance scholarships in the winter-spring quarters as well as summer-fall quarters. Accepted applicants will select desired courses (one for each quarter) and work with the registrar to determine if the course has availability for a stand-by student three days before the program start date. Stand-by scholarships are not applicable for atelier programs or weeklong workshops. Eligibility is based on guidelines provided by the USDA for the 2017-2018 Free School Lunch Program.

Standby Scholarship Application

For more information email Jessica Lah, Student Services Coordinator. Applications are due each year on January 5th for winter-spring quarters and May 7th for summer-fall quarters.

Youth Scholarships

Youth Scholarships are need-based awards available for summer youth programs. Scholarship applications will be available starting in February are due May 15 for all summer youth programs. If you have any questions, email Youth Programs Director, Andrea Goodman.