Sculpting the Still Life

I make sculptures based on paintings in what is traditionally considered a craft medium. In this translation, the sculptural representation of still life painting creates abstract forms. The results are beautifully made objects that simultaneously expose the crude structures of their creation.The pieces are both a simple exploration of residual forms derived from representation and a question regarding the merits of an Art object.
9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
All Levels Welcome
Gage Capitol Hill
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In my own work I explore the space “in-between” painting and sculpture. My goal, during this session is to help you find your own space of exploration. We will be concentrating on several techniques that are not normally taught at Gage with an emphasis on the technical and aesthetic concerns of creating larger sculptures comprised of smaller parts.

The class will cover simplified versions of jiggering, hand building hollow forms, and one piece press molds.