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Portrait Drawing – Geoff Flack
Tuesday | 4/10-6/12 | 9:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Improve your understanding of the portrait and construct accurate drawings from observation.

Beginning Figure Drawing – Ryan Weatherly
Saturday | 4/14-6/16 | 10:00 A.M.-1:00 P.M.

Gain technical mastery and intuitive understanding of depicting the human form.


Abstract Composition – Julia Ricketts
Monday | 4/9 – 6/11 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Master the language of abstraction with a variety of wet and dry drawing media.

Figure Drawing – Geoff Flack
Tuesday | 4/10-6/12 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Learn to create convincing representations of the human form in drawing.

Drawing in the Studio and City – Barbara Fugate
Wednesday | 4/11-6/13 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Alternate between drawing in class from the live model with visiting different places in the city armed with a sketchbook in an attempt to bridge studio and field practices.


Basics of Drawing – Hamid Zavareei
Monday | 4/9 – 6/11 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Start with the study of the line as countour and progressively incorporate value and perspective to create form and space within simple compositions.

Intermediate Figure and Portrait Drawing – Nicholas Enevoldsen
Monday | 4/9-6/11 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Go beyond the basics to achieve realistic portraits and figures drawn from the model, starting with short gesture poses and working your way up to longer poses.

Foundations of Drawing: Introduction to the Figure – Kathleen Moore
Monday, Wednesday | 4/9-6/13 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Learn the basics of anatomy and develop a strong understanding of the elements and principles that are the foundation of art-making.

Foundation Figure Drawing: Techniques and Methods – Aron Hart
Tuesday, Thursday | 4/10-6/14 | 6:30 – 9:30 P.M.

Continue to improve your figure drawing skills and start using new materials.

Illustration Program – Brian Snoddy
Wednesday | 4/11-6/13

Designed for classical and industry artists alike, the Illustration Program teaches how to create realistic imagery from the ground up.

Beginning Figure Drawing – Josh Chuzi
Wednesday | 4/11-6/13 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Gain technical mastery and intuitive understanding of depicting the human form with instructor Josh Chuzi.

Learn to Illustrate – Edie Everette
Thursday | 4/12-6/14 | 6:00-9:00 P.M.

To become an illustrator you have to think like one.



Portrait Painting – Aron Hart
Monday | 4/9-6/11 | 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Learn the essential techniques and concepts of proportion, line, value, volume, structure and composition in portrait painting.

Advanced Watercolor – Tom Hoffmann
Tuesday | 4/17-6/12 | 9:30 A.M. – 12:30 P.M.

Master advanced techniques, innovative approaches, and increasingly complex compositions.

Historical Precedents in Abstract Painting – Jeffrey Simmons
Tuesday | 4/10 – 6/12 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Each week we will take a look at a particular study from the history of Abstract Painting, presenting examples by various artists.

Oil Painting for Beginners – Jonathan Happ
Wednesday | 4/11 – 6/13 | 9:30 – 12:30 P.M.

Building on your work with the figure as individual parts, we’ll focus on full figure studies in a larger context.

Beginning Watercolor – Tom Hoffmann
Wednesday | 4/18–6/13 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Make conscious choices regarding color, value, wetness, and composition before the brush ever touches the paper.

Still Life Painting in Oils – Jim Phalen
Wednesday | 4/11 – 6/13 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Complete one monochromatic and two color paintings using still-life as your motif.

Understanding Abstract Expressionism: New York City – Charles Emerson
Thursday | 4/12-6/14 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Work through the many ideas and artists that surfaced in New York City during those years through painting exercises.

Portrait Painting – Jim Phalen
Friday | 4/13-6/15 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Learn to compose from observation, acquire strategies for organizing visual information, and study historic precedents.

Oil Painting for Beginners – Jonathan Happ
Saturday | 4/14-6/16 | 10:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

Learn the methods of oil painting while exploring the still-life genre.

Printmaking Techniques: Monotype and Reliefs – Klara Glosova
Wednesday | 5/2-5/30 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn basic printmaking techniques such as monotype and relief print.


Watercolor Landscape- Hamid Zavareei
Monday | 4/9-6/11 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Learn the application of light and dark; warm and cool; and transparent and opaque colors to achieve beautiful results in watercolor.

Landscape Painting: Spring Trees – Kathleen Moore
Monday | 4/9-6/11 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Explore how to accurately render a variety of tree forms and the texture of foliage while expressing each tree’s unique character.

Figure Painting in Oils – Nicholas Enevoldsen
Wednesday | 4/11-6/13 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Exploring the richness of oil paint, you will create a long pose figure painting from direct observation.

Landscape Painting: Essential Theory & Process – Mitch Albala
Friday | 4/13-6/15 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Explore the key foundations of landscape painting: simplification and massing; subject selection, composition; color strategies; and the proper way to use reference photos.

Mentored Studies in Abstraction – Julia Ricketts
Sunday | 4/15-6/10 | 1:00-5:00 P.M.

Join a group of motivated peers for weekly painting sessions while mentored by a Gage teaching artist

Mentored Studies in Representation – Aron Hart
Sunday | 4/15-6/10 | 1:00-5:00 P.M.

Join a group of motivated peers for weekly painting sessions mentored by a Gage faculty instructor.

Advanced Color Painting Seminar and Critique – Charles Emerson
Sunday | 4/15-6/17 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

A course for those who want honest and direct evaluation and direction for any painting style.

Intermediate Watercolor – Tom Hoffmann
Wednesday | 4/18-6/13 | 1:00-4:00 P.M.

Work with increasingly complex subjects as you expand your understanding and dexterity of watercolor.


Abstract Painting: Experimental Approaches – Julia Ricketts
Monday | 4/9-6/11 | 6:30 P.M. – 9:30 P.M.

Explore found and modified imagery; additive and subtractive modes in painting; and the creative use of materials and tools.

Oil Painting Fundamentals – Hamid Zavareei
Wednesday | 4/11-6/13 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Develop a foundational knowledge of material and technique through hands-on exercises aimed at helping you understand the mechanics of oil painting.

Innovative Portrait Painting – Barbara Fugate
Thursday | 4/12-6/14 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Explore painting portraits from models with both long and short poses and expressive brushwork and color.


Subjects in Figure Sculpture: Rubber Mold Making and Casting – Mike Magrath
Tuesday | 4/10-6/12 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Learn to make a reusable, multi-part rubber mold from an original figure or portrait sculpture.

Figure Sculpting Studio – Mike Magrath
Tuesday | 4/10-6/12 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Experience a clear and intuitive method for mastering the fundamentals of three-dimensional modeling.

Five Week Classes

Beginning Figure Sculpture – Elijah Evenson
Monday | 4/9-5/7 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Learn how to accurately represent the human figure through gesture, proportion, mass, structure, and surface form in three dimensions.

Alla Prima Portrait Painting with the Zorn Palette – Dominique Medici
Tuesday | 4/10-5/8 | 1:30 – 4:30 P.M.

Explore Alla Prima, a painting method where layers of wet paint are applied to previously administered layers of wet paint.

Drawing the Portrait On Toned Paper – Dominique Medici
Tuesday | 4/10-5/8 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Use both black and white charcoal to develop your understanding of proportions, value structure, and learn about rendering form.

The Art of True Collage – Patrick LoCicero
Thursday | 4/12-5/10 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Explore the many nuances of making art through collage and glued paper materials.

Dynamic Detail in Ink & Watercolor – Steve Reddy
Thursday | 4/12-5/10 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Capture highly detailed scenes and learn how to create contour drawings, grisaille underpaintings, and watercolor glazes.

Urban Sketching – Steve Reddy
Friday | 4/13-5/11 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Go on location and create detailed interior drawings.

Painting Light in Watercolor – Willow Heath
Thursday | 4/19 – 5/17 | 9:30 A.M.-12:30 P.M.

Develop your understanding for painting light by creating a series of small watercolor studies.

Sculpting Gestural Emotions in Clay – Jeremias Lentini
Wednesday | 4/25-5/23 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Explore the superficial expressions and the underlying forces that combine to create a finished portrait sculpture.

Beginning Portrait Sculpture – Elijah Evenson
Monday | 5/14-6/11 | 6:30-9:30 P.M.

Learn to sculpt the portrait and capture likeness and personality in clay.

Color Magic with Watercolor – Linda James
Thursday | 5/17-6/14 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Using color theory principles and specific exercises, we will learn methods for color mixing and layering.

Weekend Workshops


Painting the Flower in Oil – Mandy Theis
Saturday, Sunday | 3/31-4/1 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Create realistic paintings of flowers in oil from freshly cut floral arrangements.


Expressive Portrait Painting – Fong Baatz
Monday-Wednesday | 4/2-4/4 | 9:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Explore various portrait painting techniques and approaches to creating an expressive painting with oils.

Expressive Still Life Painting – Fong Baatz
Friday-Sunday |4/6-4/8 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Work directly from a still life set up and explore various painting techniques and approaches to creating an expressive painting.

Design Studies/Digital Sketches – Marisa Vitiello
Friday-Sunday | 4/6-4/8 | 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Use digital art tools to test visual ideas to bring back to the page.

Paper Marbling Marvel – Sophie Loubere
Saturday, Sunday | 4/7-4/8 | 1:30-4:30 P.M.

Dive deep into the ancient art of painting on water

Alla Prima Portraits in Oil – Aaron Coberly
Saturday, Sunday | 4/7-4/8 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Work in oil paints and learn how to capture the most essential qualities of a portrait.

Encaustic Painting – Hamid Zavareei
Saturday, Sunday | 4/7-4/8 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Investigate the different effects artists can achieve by employing beeswax as a medium.

Accurate Drawing Intensive – Terry Furchgott
Saturday, Sunday | 4/7-4/8 | 9:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Learn the basics of creating strong, accurate drawings working directly from a variety of still-life objects and inspiring set-ups.

Sculpting Expressive Faces in Clay – Jeremias Lentini
Saturday, Sunday | 4/14-4/15 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Work from the model to sculpt small-scale faces.

Creating an Autobiographical Box – Patrick LoCicero
Saturday, Sunday | 4/28-4/29 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore and develop autobiographical dioramas that record past and present experiences through a variety of media.


Demystifying Watercolor – Linda James
Saturday, Sunday | 5/5-5/6 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

A no-pressure way to explore the watercolor medium.

Metaphorical Collage and Image Layering – Patrick LoCicero
Saturday, Sunday | 5/12-5/13 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn the skills needed to energize the surfaces of your paintings and make them nuanced and rich with meaning.

Fauvist Color: Gauguin Inspiration in Acrylic – Terry Furchgott
Friday, Saturday, Sunday | 5/18-5/20 | 6:30-9:30pm, 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore the innovative, highly-colored paintings of French Post-Impressionist master Paul Gauguin, while increasing your skill with acrylics.

Gestural Sculpting and Drawing – Mardie Rees
Saturday, Sunday | 5/19-5/20 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Capture the human figure in motion with award-winning and internationally recognized artist Mardie Rees.


Gauguin Figures and Post Impressionist Color -Terry Furchgott
Friday, Saturday, Sunday | 6/1-6/3 | 6:30-9:30 P.M., 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore the innovative, highly-colored paintings of French Post-Impressionist master Paul Gauguin, while increasing your skill with acrylics.

Dynamic Detail in Ink & Watercolor – Steve Reddy
Saturday, Sunday | 6/2-6/3 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Capture highly detailed scenes and learn how to create contour drawings, grisaille underpaintings, and watercolor glazes.

Painting the Alla Prima Figure – Aaron Coberly
Saturday, Sunday | 6/9-6/10 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Work in oil paints and learn how to capture the most essential qualities of a figure by painting broadly but accurately.

Bas-Relief Sculpting – Mardie Rees
Saturday-Sunday | 6/9-6/10 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Develop drawing skills beyond two dimensions by working compositions in clay.

Portrait Sculpting – Charlie Mostow
Monday-Wednesday | 6/18-6/20 | 9:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Learn to capture the likeness of the model in clay with Grand Central Atelier instructor Charlie Mostow.

Indirect Still Life Painting – Eric Wert
Friday-Sunday | 6/22-6/24 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn to paint a still life in stages with Portland-based instructor extraordinaire Eric Wert

Weeklong Workshops

Portrait Drawing – Jim Phalen
Monday-Thursday | 3/26-3/29 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn the essential techniques and concepts of line, value, volume, structure, and composition in rendering complex portraits with portrait artist Gary Faigin.

Figure Drawing on Toned Paper – Juliette Aristides – ONE SPOT LEFT!
Monday-Friday | 3/26-3/30 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore atmospheric use of tone in this figure-drawing immersion with renowned Atelier instructor Juliette Aristides.

Portrait Painting in Oil – Dale Zinkowski
Monday-Friday | 3/26-3/30 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Study with New York Grand Central Atelier instructor Dale Zinkowski and work from the live model over an extended pose.

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In The Studios Of The Old Masters – Ewan McNaughton & Lea Vaughn
Monday-Friday | 6/18-6/22 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Learn the specific step-by-step process to achieve an exact copy.

Alla Prima Portrait Painting – Colt Prehm
Monday-Friday | 6/18-6/22 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Explore materials and usage; technical drawing skills; color theory; and the interaction of light and form.

Portrait in Pastel – Ellen Eagle
Monday-Thursday | 6/18-6/21 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Observe the model’s form, color, and value relationships with a clear eye and to distill this complex information into a simply expressed, harmonious construction.

Shaping Content: Material Into Meaning – Chester Arnold
Monday-Friday | 6/25-6/29 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Focus on developing meaningful content while exploring historical methods and materials in painting.