Introducing Studio Concentrations, an immersive two-week course led by a Master instructor. Studio Concentrations are designed for the artist looking to absorb themselves into their practice under the guidance of an accomplished mentor and the support of like-minded peers. This winter, December 4 – December 15, Gage Studio Concentrations are with Charles Emerson and Margaret Davidson.

Studio Concentration Courses

Color Painting Mastery | Charles Emerson

December 4 – An immersion into the ways and means of various master coloristic painters, pairing artists with their periods to more clearly reveal their methods, materials, and ideas in art making. With Northwest Master Charles Emerson.

Light and Shadow | Margaret Davidson

December 4 – An intensive study of light and shadow, focusing on how artists in the past have used light and shadow for various purposes, and on how we use it today. With renowned artist and instructor Margaret Davidson.