Introducing Studio Concentrations, an immersive two-week course led by a Master instructor. Studio Concentrations are designed for the artist looking to absorb themselves into their practice under the guidance of an accomplished mentor and the support of like-minded peers.

This Fall Gage Academy of Art introduces Studio Concentration: Painting from Life taught by Max Ginsburg, one of the finest draftsmen of our time.

It’s the unique opportunity to study with New York figurative master painter, Max Ginsburg, who will be visiting Gage in December to teach this year’s Studio Concentration. Students and instructor will paint from life each day with an alla prima procedure, stressing careful observation of the model regarding form, shapes, proportion, gesture, perspective, values and color. Ginsburg’s teaching method will direct students to paint the unique realities of each model. “We will paint what we see, not what we know” (Charles Hawthorn) to capture the poetic beauty of the reality, not some formula.

Ginsberg will discuss concepts, expression of concepts, contemporary realism, and the painting of the Old Masters. This Studio Concentration will cover: Head Studies, Figure Studies, the Portrait, Painting the Figure, and a Multi-Figure Composition from life with two models, for which Ginsburg is renowned and highly regarded.

Ginsburg will critique each student every day and give painting demonstrations. He will also paint half of each session on his own painting. Max believes that this is an excellent teaching tool, better in many ways than relying only on what the teacher says.

In Ginsberg’s two-week long Studio Concentration students will have the opportunity to work with the artist for 30 of their 60 workshop hours, while working independently in a shared studio space.

Please read more about the class and the master here.

9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
Gage Capitol Hill
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