Studio Concentration: Classical Painting Intensive – Juliette Aristides
Monday-Friday | 3/25-4/5 | 9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

Studio Concentrations offer the opportunity to study with top artist-instructors in an immersive two-week course. Immersive yourself into an intensive course that combines instructions and critique from a well-known artist, artistic spirit and support from peers.

This Winter Quarter build your artistic vocabulary as you work under the tutelage of Juliette Aristides, artist, author and instructor of the Aristides Atelier at Gage. The emphasis will be on skill building through working from life from both a model and a still life.

In the morning, students will draw and then paint from the figure. Students will start with shorter gesture drawing, then develop a preliminary drawing to ensure accuracy and likeness, create a monochromatic study to analyze shape, tone and composition, and then execute a painting in full color.

In the afternoon, students will paint from a still life. Working from life, follow traditional ideas and techniques as you develop vital tools for creating skillful, luminous still-life paintings in oil. Learn to create thoughtful, interesting arrangements and examine the relationships between masses of value, color and intensity in your still-life painting. Students will start with shorter studies and then create one longer painting.

Lectures and individual instruction aid your artistic progress.

Please note: The instructor will be present 15 hours each week and then students will have the option of working independently in a shared studio space during the evenings, and over the weekend on 3/30-3/31.

Juliette Aristides is a Seattle-based painter who seeks to understand and convey the human spirit through art. Founder and instructor of the Aristides Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, WA, she teaches workshops both nationally and internationally. She is the author of The Classical Drawing AtelierThe Classical Painting Atelier, and Lessons in Classical Drawing published by Watson-Guptill, NY and a frequent contributor to Artist’s Magazine. Aristides’ work has been featured in magazines such as Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, American Artist, and Gulf Connoisseur Magazine. She exhibits in one-person and group shows nationally.
Saturday, Sunday
9:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M.
All Levels Welcome
Gage Capitol Hill
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