The Science in Art and Techniques of the French Impressionists

Valerie Collymore has exhibited her work all over Washington state and her work can be found in collections the world over. She trained as a physician in pediatrics and became a full-time artist later in life. Through works attentive to the “in-the-moment” character of a scene, to design, color and unusual light effects, and striving for a painterly impressionist style, her hope is to share the visual feast that is the magnificent creation that surrounds us and to connect with viewers through shared experiences.
6:30-9:30 P.M.
All Levels Welcome
Gage Capitol Hill


  • One tube 5 oz M Graham Oil Paint TITANIUM WHITE
  • One tube 5 oz M Graham Oil Paint AZO YELLOW
  • One tube 5 oz M Graham Oil Paint ALIZARIN CRIMSON
  • One tube 5 oz M Graham Oil Painting ULTRAMARINE BLUE
  • One tube 1.25 oz M Graham Oil Paint PHTHALOCYANINE GREEN


  • One 8 oz bottle M Graham Walnut Oil Medium
  • One 4 oz tube of GAMBLIN Solvent-Free Safflower gel medium


  • Masterson Sta-Wet Palette Seal (recommended for easy transport and storage of wet paint)
  • Grey Matters Paper Palette by Richeson 12” x 16” (disposable palette surface that fits in the Masterson Box)

BRUSHES: Rosemary and Co. Oil Brushes are highly recommended. You will not regret adding these top-quality master-level brushes to your painting practice. For your convenience, the recommended brushes that favor the production of brushstrokes in the French Impressionist Tradition are available as a kit:
Online, from England:
Locally in Seattle and on the Eastside: please see “Stores to find supplies” below.


  • Blick Palette Knife by RGM Style 22
  • Blick Palette Knife by RGM Style 61

CONTAINERS: one containers to hold the oil medium (e.g. empty tuna cans)

CANVASES: 2-4 stretched canvases or canvas boards of the same size or of various sizes, your choice. I would plan to start – but not necessarily finish – 1 work every two days or one work per day. Recommended sizes to select from: 16×20 or 12×16 or 11×14 or 8×10.


  • One package of baby wipes (e.g. 100 count )
  • Brush cleaner of your choice: I like Jack’s Linseed Oil Brush Cleaner
  • Nitrile Gloves – optional – 8-10 gloves per session

REFERENCE IMAGES: Please bring 4-6 reference images or photos of what you would like to paint.
I recommend selecting a subject that truly inspires you, that is meaningful to you and that you are very eager to paint!
If you wish to only paint from life, please bring the still life objects that you most wish to paint.
If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can bring your reference photos stored inside, or you can bring the actual printed photos.

Stores to find supplies:

  • The Artful Touch, 12437 116th Ave NE, Kirkland WA 98034 425-823-2336 Owner Sharon Woolsey has created a discounted paint and supplies kit that is available online or by telephone, for participants of Collymore art workshops. The Collymore French Impressionist Brush Kit by Rosemary &Co is also available for purchase on the Eastside at Artful Touch. If you place an order with Sharon a few days before the workshop begins, I will pick up all orders at 12 noon on the day before the workshop starts, and bring all orders to the workshop location.
  • Rosemary Brushes: These top quality brushes, used by many top masters worldwide, are made in England and shipped within a few days to the US. To purchase the Collymore French Impressionist Brush Kit made by Rosemary & Co LOCALLY: 1) On the Eastside at Artful Touch in Kirkland 2) in Seattle at the Fountainhead Gallery in Queen Anne at 625 W McGraw St Seattle WA 98119, (206) 285-4467
    ONLINE: please use his link:
  • Dick Blick Online at, Dick Blick: 1600 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122 carries the M Graham oil paints, Masterson palette, palette paper, mediums and palette knives, but this store does not carry the required brushes.
Explore the Science in Art, while integrating this scientific knowledge with art-making fundamentals, techniques and practices of the French Impressionists painters. Learn about the mathematics behind composition, the medical science of vision, and the physics of paint manipulation. See how this knowledge can be applied to move your artwork forward quickly and joyfully. Develop a portfolio of your best work.