Transformations: Human-Animal Drawing

Grace is a Seattle-based artist who specializes in oil painting and traditional media like graphite and charcoal. She is a pupil of master contemporary painter Juliette Aristides and is deeply invested in the practice of drawing and painting from observation. She exhibits her work around the Pacific Northwest and has been published in Artist and Illustrator Magazine. Grace teaches private lessons for adults and teens and is a youth programs instructor at Gage Academy.
12:00 – 3:00 P.M.
Live Model
Ages 11-13
Gage Capitol Hill, Room 200
People are some of the most complex creatures to draw. Working from a costumed model, students will discover how to simplify the forms of the body into shapes using the basic principles of figure drawing: line of action, gesture, proportions, and measurement. Taking inspiration from the model, we will then apply these skills to morphing the human form into animals and creatures from imagination. All levels $260 | Age 11-13