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The Artist Toolkit series is designed to offer Gage students professional development tips and best-practices that can be built on throughout the year, or taken as stand-alone workshops.


Key Steps to Framing Your Art Work

April 27
Baas Framing Studio
Discover proper techniques for handling and framing paper artwork with a framing expert from Baas Framing Studio.  Learn various techniques for mounting drawings such as:  float mount, raised mats, and the benefits of reverse bevel mat cuts.  Understand the importance of archival framing and what this means for your artwork.  Bring your framing questions to this informative discussion and framing demonstration.


Business Issues for Artists

May 25
Benjamin D. Kerr, Esq. Principle, Kerr Law Firm
Benjamin Kerr delivers a very informative introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of creating a business entity as an artist.  What are your business entity choices?  Understand the difference between a business liability versus a personal liability and common insurance issues.   Lastly, Kerr will give an overview of contract law for artists.