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Gage Artists
Gage teaching artists are exhibiting artists chosen for their merit as artists and teachers. Their goal is to communicate the "how" and "why" of drawing, painting, sculpting and art theory across a range of styles and media. Should you have questions about a particular instructor, we suggest you review their work and background by following the links below.

LOCAL TEACHING ARTISTS: Over many years, well-known Seattle artists have taught at the Academy including Gloria DeArcangelis, Elisabeth Beemster, William E. Elston, Charles Emerson, Paul Havas, Brent Holland, Terry Johnson, Joseph Lesser, Norman Lundin, Peter Malarkey, John Sisko and Francesca Sundsten.

Gage works with a corps of local artists who are handpicked for their skills at communicating the core concepts of artmaking as well as encouraging artists to stretch their technical and creative potential.

Mitchell Albala
Juliette Aristides
Olivia Britt
Suzanne Brooker
Larine Chung
Aaron Coberly
Margaret Davidson
Nathan DiPietro
Eric Elliott
Charles Emerson
Bill Evans
Gary Faigin
Geoff Flack
Barbara Fugate
Terry Furchgott
Karen Hackenberg
Amanda Hallenius
Aron Hart
Tom Hoffmann
Mark Kang-O'Higgins
David Lasky
Anne Samuel Lewis
Kathy Liao
Patrick LoCicero
Michael Magrath
Kathleen McKeehen
Ani O'Farrell
Anne Petty
Jim Phalen
Julia Ricketts
John Rizzotto
Vonn Sumner
Tip Toland
Kimberly Trowbridge
Ryan Weatherly
Melissa Weinman
Katrina Wolfe
Hamid Zavareei

NATIONAL TEACHING ARTISTS: Gage invites nationally-renowned artists from across the country to present one-, two- and three-day workshops to intermediate/advanced Gage artists. In addition to the artists listed below, who teach at regular intervals at the Academy, Gage students have studied artmaking in intensive workshop programs with Sigmund Abeles, Susie Amato, Michael Bergt, Jacob Collins, Scott Fraser, John Nava and George Nick.

Colleen Barry
Susan Bennerstrom
Alan Carroll
Domenic Cretara
Leonid Gervits
Michael Grimaldi
Michael Howard
David Kassan
Geoffrey Laurence
Zhi Lin
Carlos Madrid
Joel Mangin
John Morra
Frank O'Cain
Linda Okazaki
Irene Pérez-Omer
Nicholas Raynolds
Koo Schadler
Jordan Sokol
Kurt Solmssen
Peter Van Dyck
Costa Vavagiakis
Yuqi Wang
Eran Webber
Fred Wessel


Kyle Abernethy
Julie Alpert
Julie Baroh
Debra Baxter
Mia Beardsley
Gretchen Bennett
Sarah Bixler
Susanna Bluhm
Laura Brodax
Romson Bustillo
Bianca Cabrera
Piper Carling
Lora Lue Chiorah-Dye
Madeline Crowley
Alisha Dall'Osto
Jessica Damsky
Marita Dingus
Jeanne Dodds
Yvette Endrijautzki
Ryan Finnerty
Julia Freeman
Klara Glosova
Marianne Goldin
Kerstin Graudins
Willow Heath
Clare Hebert
Nate Herth
Lauren Holloway
Etsuko Ichikawa
Jessica Jobaris
Kate Johnson
Trevor Johnson
Jessica Jorgensen
Jessica Lah
Michael Leavitt
Gretchen Leggitt
Michael Lorefice
Lin Lucas
Eduardo Mendonça
Janet Miller
Jake Myler
Anna Nagy
Mike (Mikela) Naylor
Rachel Närhi
Jillia Pessenda
Jethaniel "Spyder" Peterka
Emily Pothast
Juliet Waller Pruzan
Britt Rynearson
Cynthia Serfaty
Erin Shafkind
Tenaya Sims
Kim Van Someren
Emily Stout
Greg Stump
Chris Tsongas
Randy Wood
Allyce Wood
Beth Zirngible
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