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Gage is proud to present a quarterly series of ArtTalks at Town Hall Seattle, Capitol Cider & Gage Academy of Art. 

The Energy that Flows Through Everything: A Conversation with Artist Kat Larson

Town Hall Seattle
Wednesday, April 12
7:30 pm


Seattle artist Kat Larson brings a unique perspective to her video “paintings” and performances, using insights gained from her practice as an alternative medicine healer.  Frye Museum educator Negarra Kudumu will talk to Kat about her investigations into her own ancestry, mythology, and the structure of natural cycles, and how these concepts are expressed in her striking imagery.


What Fools These Mortals Be!: The Intrepid Drawings of Ethan Murrow

Cutting the waddle of the Pyrite, Ethan Murrow

Town Hall Seattle
Wednesday, April 19
7:30 PM


Ethan Murrow in Conversation with Gary Faigin and Michael Cohen

Ethan Murrow is like a madcap artistic version of his famous grandfather, journalist Edgar R. Murrow.  His meticulous, almost photo-realist pencil drawings appear to depict scientific experiments and geographic explorations, but the action is always absurd, the events imaginary. “What fools these mortals be!” is an overriding theme, but one delivered with consummate wit and imagination.  Artist, critic, and Gage Academy co-founder Gary Faigin, and Facebook computer vision scientist Dr. Michael Cohen talk to Ethan about his intriguing tableaus and his affectionate but skeptical take on society’s faith in rationalism and the scientific method.