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Gage is proud to present a quarterly series of ArtTalks at Town Hall Seattle, Capitol Cider & Gage Academy of Art. 



ArtTalk at Town Hall:

Interior photo – Greg Kucera Gallery, Inc.

Closing Up Shop?  The Uncertain Future of Seattle’s Art Galleries

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Town Hall Seattle

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Are today’s art galleries going the way of video rental stores?  A series of gallery closings in recent times has not been met by new galleries moving in to take their place, and many people feel that this reflects more profound changes in the nature of the art business itself.  Does the art community take a hit if galleries and openings are replaced by alternative spaces, DIY art projects, and everyone’s favorite disrupter, the internet?  Why do galleries struggle as much as they do in a community with as much wealth and education as Seattle?

Four key members of the Seattle art community take up the issue in what is sure to be a lively and provocative panel discussion, moderated by art critic and Gage Academy of Art Artistic Director, Gary Faigin.

Join Gage as we look at the uncertain future of commercial galleries in Seattle.  Everyone agrees that the scene has been shrinking, but there are any number of theories as to why: the Internet, the lack of interest of the tech community in Fine Art, the rise of Alternative Spaces.  It’s certainly NOT due to a lack of good artists, and there’s the rub: where will the work of the future be shown, shared, and sold?  What’s lost as major public venues shut down and are not replaced?  This is sure to be a lively and provocative discussion, with an expert team.


Greg Kucera – Owner, Greg Kucera Gallery; Amanda Manitach – Writer and Visual Arts Editor of City Arts Magazine; Mary Ann Peters – Artist, winner of Stranger Genius Award; Mariane Ibrahim, Owner, Marian Ibrahim Gallery




ArtTalk at Capitol Cider:
Finding the Drama in the Understated: A look at the Meditative Works of Emily Gerhard

Untitled, watercolor on paper by Emily Gherard

Untitled, watercolor on paper by Emily Gherard

Capitol Cider
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
6:30 pm

Artist and art community activist Juan Alonso is our Guest Host in this interview with local painter (and occasional Gage instructor) Emily Gerhard. Her mostly abstract work flirts with minimalism and a monochromatic palette, but her goals are emotional and poetic.  How does a painter explore topics close to their heart, using a language that is so restrained and non-referential? Why has she mostly eschewed color in her most recent work?  What is the best way for viewers to look at these often enigmatic pieces?