Expressive Figure Drawing

Barbara Fugate received her MFA in painting from Miami University of Ohio. She has exhibited in Kentucky, Washington and New York and is published in “The Best of Drawing and Sketching” by Terry Sullivan, “Landscape Painting” by Mitch Abala, and “Contemporary Drawing” by Margaret Davidson. Barbara teaches at Gage Academy of Art, and conducts art workshops in Washington and abroad. “Drawing and painting is about discovery, revealing a reality that is ever more authentic and genuine to me. What is most inspirational is the transient nature of life; things dynamic, moving, and in transition.” –Barbara Fugate
1:30-4:30 P.M.
Live Model
Please purchase the size of papers listed (24X36”).

FOR THE FIRST CLASS you need only:

  • one 100-sheet pad of ROUGH newsprint (24×36”)
  • one 12-stick pack of BLACK “char-kole” chalks
  • eraser
  • chamois
  • 2 clips
  • drawing board

I will review other papers needed for this class during our first meeting.

You will need approximately:

  • (2) 100-sheet 24 x 36″ ROUGH newsprint pads for the entire course
  • approx. 30 sheets, 24 x 36″, inexpensive white drawing paper (suitable for ink and charcoal, inexpensive). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND mail ordering this through Dick Blick ( item number 10209-1045 called Dick Blick White Paper 24X36″ 100 sheets/80 lbs. This is the cheapest and best deal around. Students often bulk order this together. Or, you can use Strathmore white drawing paper that comes on a roll—pre-cut to 24 x 36″ and weighted down under a heavy board to remove the curl several days before class
  • 4 sheets good drawing paper suitable for both charcoal and ink wash. I recommend Domestic Etching, Lenox or Coventry Rag (minimum size is 26 x 40″). You may wish to make one of these four a very good quality paper (I recommend Fabriano Rosapina or Arches Cover-no smaller than 24×36”)
  • 2 packs (12-stick pack, black) Alphacolor “Char-kole” (chalk/soft pastel) or a similar brand, such as Dick Blick or Sargent
  • 1 stick compressed charcoal, soft or medium (3B recommended)
  • 1 container black drawing ink. Speedball is a good brand, or Sumi ink. Optional: You may also purchase colored ink if you like (blue, violet, deep/brick red are recommended colors in place of black). The best brands are Koh-i-noor, Pelikan, FW Acrylic Artist’s Ink
  • White plastic eraser–Staedtler/Mars brand is best.
  • Small chamois
  • 2 large bulldog clips (I recommend large binder clips such as those found at office supply stores)
  • Medium or large round bamboo brush, or a large watercolor round brush if you already own one
  • Large plastic container to hold water for drawing ink (quart-size yogurt containers work great)
  • 3 small plastic containers for ink washes (cups or jars) — with lids are best (or just bring one large lidded jar to keep and transport home ink washes)
  • Paper towel roll – I recommend Bounty or Viva brands
  • Drawing board, around 30 x 40″. Half-inch thick foam-core board is highly recommended. These are available at art stores pre-cut. They are very durable and lightweight

I recommend transporting paper in large cardboard “paper flat” boxes. You can call ahead to order one from Daniel Smith (around $5) or ask for a mat board box an art store is recycling.These are great to keep papers flat and without wrinkles or dings.

Expand your visual vocabulary and awaken your senses toward connection and response, rather than distant observation. This course aims at developing the use of the basic art principles in figure drawing, such as: line, contour, mass, volume, space, and shape. Based on the Gesture Drawing approach, Fugate leads you on a ten week course of rapid mark making, development of Form in Space, as well as accurate and expressive figure drawing. Students will use charcoal and black ink wash on 24”x36” paper.