“Still-lifes, the center of my studio practice: fruit as a stand-in for the model, vessels as interchangeable parts in a pictorial machine; the drama of light on form. Endlessly fascinating.”
-Gary Faigin

The Faigin Atelier

The Faigin Atelier works with a small group of painting students interested in focusing their studio practice on the study of still-life arrangements over the course of a year.

Atelier instructor and Gage co-founder Gary Faigin uses still-life as a vehicle to teach the basics of representation, including value, drawing and perspective, as well as paint-specific techniques like glazing, impasto and control of edges.

“Fall Group Picture,” Gary Faigin

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For more advanced students, studio still-life is a time-honored subject with unlimited potential to act as a stimulus for explorations of composition, color, spatial effects and the perfection of style.

No other subject matter offers the artist quite as much control over every aspect of their pictorial effect, and none has as rich and interesting a history.

The Faigin Atelier Curriculum and Student Gallery

The Faigin Atelier Supply List

2017-18 Academic Year: Monday, September 11-Friday, June 15

All Atelier students have on-site studios and are expected to spend at least 15 hours per week in their studio in addition to meeting with their instructor twice a week.
Gary Faigin meets with the students as a group on Tuesdays from 2:30pm-5:30pm and on Thursdays from 9:00am-noon.

2017-18 Academic Tuition:

The Faigin Atelier: $4, 610

For an application process, please download and submit the follow forms:

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