Portrait Drawing-Aron Hart
Monday | 9/11-11/13

Compelling portraits using simple techniques.

Abstract Drawing: Life Studies – Julia Ricketts
Monday | 9/11-11/13

Learn to create images in an abstract style.

Basics of Drawing – Hamid Zavareei
Monday | 9/11-11/13

Study the line as contour.

Perspective Drawing – John Zadrozny
Tuesday | 9/12-10/14

Create pictorial space using perspective.

Foundations of Drawing I – Terry Furchgott
Tuesday, Thursday | 9/12-11/15

Basic skills, practice, and confidence to draw the visual world around you.

Foundation Figure Drawing I – Aron Hart
Tuesday, Thursday| 9/13-11/15

Build a foundation of skills and methods for accurate, emotive renderings of the human figure.

Expressive Figure Drawing – Barbara Fugate
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Awaken your senses toward connection and response, rather than distant observation.

Beginning Figure Drawing – Josh Chuzi
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Gain technical mastery and intuitive understanding of depicting the human form.

Drawing For Fun – Kathleen Moore
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Join a no-stress environment for you to relax and enjoy drawing!

Arts Of Drawing – Charles Emerson
Thursday | 9/14-11/16

Explore a compendium of various cultures, times, attitudes, and expressions as recorded by marks on papers and other suitable surfaces.

Drawing A-Z – Suzanne Brooker
Thursday | 9/14-11/16

No experience is needed to enjoy this introduction to drawing. We begin with “this is a pencil” and then explore all the steps and techniques used to draw simple to complex forms.

Botanical Drawing – Kathleen McKeehen
Friday | 9/15-11/17

Learn to use line to accurately depict plant subjects.

Beginning Figure Drawing – Ryan Weatherly
Saturday | 9/16-11/18

Gain technical mastery and intuitive understanding of depicting the human form.

Illustration Program – Brian Snoddy
Wednesday | 9/20-11/22

The Illustration Program teaches how to create realistic imagery from the ground up.

Get Started in Drawing – James Cicatko
Tuesday | 9/12-11/14

Learn the key concepts and artistic principles to accurately render line, shape, proportion and negative space.

Comics: Storytelling With Sequential Art – Gus Storms
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Learn the artistic components of comic-craft, focusing on the language, tools, and practice of sequential storytelling.

Learn to Illustrate – Edie Everette
Thursday | 9/14-11/16

Gain conceptual chops and problem-solving skills for visual storytelling.

Figure Drawing In Charcoal – Sarah Bixler
Friday | 9/9-11/17

Learn the framework needed to approach both longer and shorter figure drawings.


Color Understanding For Contemporary Painters – Charles Emerson
Monday | 9/11-11/13

Learn to look and see, and to analyze what is actually happening as color becomes part of the structure, space, and even psychological presence of a painting.

Foundation Figure Painting: Color Into Value – Jonathan Happ
Monday, Wednesday | 9/11-11/15

Build a versatile arsenal for solving common figure-painting challenges.

Watercolor Landscape – Hamid Zavareei
Monday | 9/11-11/13

Learn to use washes and glazes, in a variety of techniques to create trees, sky, landmass and water.

Paint The Sky – Kathleen Moore
Monday | 9/11-11/13

Explore the structure of clouds and the science behind the colors of the sky.

Abstract Painting – Julia Ricketts
Monday | 9/11-11/13

Investigate and learn the language of abstraction.

Advanced Watercolor – Tom Hoffman
Tuesday | 9/12-11/14

For the experienced watercolor painters seeking to refine their practice.

Color in Abstract Painting – Jeffrey Simmons
Tuesday | 9/12-11/14

Study the many approaches to color available to the abstract painter.

Beginning Acrylic – Amy Huddleston
Tuesday | 9/12-11/14

Explore color, texture, and transparent/opaque use of acrylic paint.

Beginning Watercolor – Tom Hoffman
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Make conscious choices regarding color, value, wetness, and composition, before the brush ever touches the paper.

Still Life Painting in Oils – Jim Phalen
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Work through a series of exercises and complete monochromatic and color paintings.

Intermediate Watercolor – Tom Hoffman
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Take on increasingly complex subjects as you expand your understanding and dexterity with watercolor.

Oil Painting Fundamentals – Hamid Zavareei
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Develop a foundational knowledge of oil painting material and technique

Expressive Portrait Painting in Watercolor – Willow Heath
Thursday | 9/14-11/16

Create deceptively simple expressive watercolor portraits in a relaxed beginner’s studio environment.

El Greco and Egon Schiele Painting – Barbara Fugate
Thursday | 9/14-11/16

Make expressive figure paintings in the manner of each artist.

Portrait Painting – Jim Phalen
Friday | 9/15-11/17

Discover the art and practice of portraiture.

Advanced Landscape Painting: Independent Study and Advanced Topics – Mitch Albala
Friday | 9/15-11/17

Work on landscape projects of your own choosing under the guidance of your instructor.

Botanical Watercolor: Autumn Cornucopia – Kathleen McKeehen
Friday | 9/15-11/17

Learn observation and measurement skills, as well as the use of wet-on-wet washes and color-intensifying dry-brush technique.

Mentored Studies in Abstraction – Jeffrey Simmons
Sunday | 10/1-11/19

Join a group of motivated peers for weekly painting sessions.


Portrait Sculpture – Charlie Mostow
Tuesday-Saturday | 9/5-9/9

Study sculpture with an instructor from Grand Central Academy in New York City.

Foundations in Figure Sculpting – Mike Magrath
Tuesday, Thursday | 9/12-11/16

For those who wish to dig deeper into expressive figurative sculpture.

Figure Sculpting Studio – Mike Magrath
Tuesday | 9/12-11/14>/a>

Master the fundamentals of three-dimensional modeling.

Half Scale, Half Torso – Tip Toland
Wednesday | 9/13-11/15

Create powerful and theatrical psychological portrait.

Beginning Figure Sculpting – Elijah Evenson
Monday | 9/11-10/9

Learn how to accurately represent the human figure through gesture, proportion, mass, structure, and surface form.

Beginning Figure Sculpting – Elijah Evenson
Monday | 9/11-10/9

A comprehensive introduction to figure sculpting.

Sculpting Gestural Emotions in Clay – Jeremias Lentini
Friday | 9/15-11/27

Explore the superficial expressions and the underlying forces that combine to create.

Five Week Classes

Dynamic Detail In Ink And Watercolor – Steven Reddy
Thursday | 9/14-10/12

Capture highly detailed scenes and learn how to create contour drawings, grisaille underpaintings, and watercolor glazes.

The Art of True Collage – Patrick LoCicero
Thursday | 10/19-11/16

Explore layering, overlap, isolation, repetition, composition and surface manipulation.\

Expressive Portrait Painting – Fong Baatz
Friday | 10/20-11/17

Explore various portrait painting techniques and approaches to creating an expressive painting with oils.

Expressive Still Life Painting – Fong Baatz
Friday | 10/20-11/17

Work directly from a still life set up, and explore various painting techniques and approaches to creating an expressive painting.

Urban Sketching – Steven Reddy
Friday | 10/20-11/17

Go on location and create detailed interior drawings.

The Poetry Of Watercolor And Nature – Suze Woolf
Thursday | 9/14-10/12

Learn to convey the spirit of the outdoors in strong, bold paintings.

Sculpting The Human Face – Mardie Rees
Saturday | 10/14-11/4

Learn to sculpt the portrait and capture likeness and personality in clay.

Weekend Workshops

Autobiographical Box – Patrick LoCicero
Saturday, Sunday | 9/9-9/10

Explore and develop autobiographical dioramas that record our past and present experiences

Botanical Watercolor: Autumn Cornucopia – Kathleen McKeehen
Saturday, Sunday | 9/30-10/1

Learn observation and measurement skills as well as the use of watercolor washes and dry-brush technique.

Mixed Media Image Layering – Patrick LoCicero
Saturday, Sunday | 10/7-10/8

Explore various background layering techniques and learn how to integrate dissonant materials.

Portrait Drawing: Charcoal On Toned Paper – Dominique Medici
Saturday, Sunday – 10/7-10/8

Develop your understanding of proportions, value structure, and learn about rendering form.

Self Portrait with a Limited Palette – Dominique Medici
Saturday, Sunday | 10/21-10/22

Accurately capture a likeness within a limited time frame.

Contemporary Still Life – Larine Chung
Saturday, Sunday | 10/21-10/22

Learn drawing and painting through intensive observation from life.

Demystifying Watercolor – Linda James
Saturday, Sunday | 10/28-10/29

Focus is on play and experimentation in watercolor.

Alla Prima Portraits in Oil – Aaron Coberly
Saturday, Sunday | 11/11-11/12

Learn how to capture the most essential qualities of a portrait.

Portraits In Watercolor – Hamid Zavareei
Saturday, Sunday | 11/4-11/5

Experiment with traditional watercolor techniques including various washes, glazes, and scumbles.

Painting The Circus With Pastel – Terry Furchgott
Friday-Sunday | 11/3-11/5

Use the intense colors and rich texture of soft pastel to capture the essence of models posed in lively circus costumes.

Painting The Alla Prima Figure – Aaron Coberly
Saturday, Sunday-10/28-10/29

Learn how to capture the most essential qualities of a figure by painting broadly but accurately.

The Science in Art and Techniques of the French Impressionists – Valerie Collymore
Saturday, Sunday | 11/11-11/12

Discover how to integrate scientific knowledge with art-making fundamentals, techniques, and practices.

The Luminous Still-lives Of Bonnard In Acrylic – Terry Furchgott
Friday-Sunday | 11/17-11/19

Study and gain inspiration from the luminous still life paintings of Post-Impressionist.

The Art Of True Collage – Patrick LoCicero
Saturday, Sunday | 11/18-11/19

Discover the many varied nuances of making art through collage and glued paper materials.

Painting The Flower In Oil – Mandy Theis
Monday-Wednesday | 12/11-12/13

Create realistic paintings of flowers in oil.

Contemporary Egg Tempera Painting – Nathan DiPietro
Monday-Wednesday | 12/9-12/10

Work on cross-hatching, scumbling, and glazing as well as panel preparation, traditional gesso, paint making, and varnish.

Color Magic With Watercolor – Linda James
Saturday, Sunday | 12/9-12/10

Learn methods for color mixing and layering; how to mix beautiful grays and neutrals; how to identify and replicate colors in nature; and techniques for using color and composition to create compelling paintings.

Bas-Relief Sculpting – Mardie Rees
Saturday, Sunday | 11/11-11/12

Develop drawing skills beyond two-dimensions by working compositions in clay.

Landscape Painting – Ned Mueller
Friday-Sunday | 9/8-9/10

Work on what makes a plein air painting work: the mood, rhythm, and movement.

Weeklong Workshops

Color For Painters – Al Gury
Monday-Friday | 11/27-12/1

Learn the core theoretical traditions of color studying.

Poster Studies in Oil – Tony Ryder
Monday-Friday | 11/27-12/1

Train to perceive the shining of light in the pictorial space, and to construct paintings tonally so that they shine and glow in a similar way.

Speed Portraits With A Limited Palette – Dominique Medici
Tuesday-Friday | 1/2-1/5

Master the ability to work quickly and precisely.

Portrait Sculpture – Charlie Mostow
Tuesday-Saturday | 9/5-9/9

Study sculpture with an instructor from Grand Central Academy in New York City.