I am passionate about color relationships. The process of painting for me is a direct means for perceiving and responding to my environment and actively engaging with this phenomenal experience of being alive on earth. 

My current practice involves collecting color “data” from the landscape in the form of plein-air paintings. Painting from nature is how I calibrate my senses to a particular, prismatic “tune.” My plein-air works become the documents of this “tuning” process, and I use them as studies to inform the development of my massive, in-studio paintings.

In addition to being a painter, I am a performer, a songwriter, an installation artist, a teacher, and a mentor. All of these passions fall under the umbrella of my larger, creative life-project. Teaching is an integral part of my practice in that the communication of artistic concepts is deeply imbedded in my artistic philosophy. I believe in an art that enlightens, heals, and encourages my community to engage and participate. I believe in the power of written language as a tool for identifying the differences between colors in a way that empowers students to make intelligent, specific, and personal responses in their paintings. Learning to “speak” with color is a powerful means of self-discovery. 

As director of the Trowbridge Atelier at Gage Academy of Art, I bring my creative practice to life in the “color lab” of my classroom. Students learn the language of color through observational studies from the life model and still-life objects, as well as through the development of color charts and master-studies. These lessons in color are expanded upon in a series of paintings created in students’ individual studios. I share my love and knowledge of historical and contemporary paintings in a series of weekly lectures. My atelier is a community of artists committed to looking deeply and creating responsibly.

On Wednesday, August 16, 7-8 P.M. Kimberly Trowbridge will deliver a lecture entitled: “Color Talk” at Gage Georgetown. Admission is free.

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