Drawing the Features of the Head

Pastel portrait by Gary Faigin

Gary Faigin

Nothing is more emotionally compelling to observe than the human face. Magazines flaunt idealized facial beauty; Hollywood packages expressive faces for big-screen cinema; TV capitalizes on talking heads to give the facts and features of the day. Over six evenings, Gary Faigin, author of the acclaimed The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression, presents an animated discourse on the foundations of drawing the head. Drawing from models and showing slides, he guides you to a broader understanding of this fascinating subject.

Apr 19: It’s What’s Underneath that Counts: Fundamental Forms of the Skull
Apr 26: The Skull: How It Relates to the Proportions of the Head
May 3: Looking into the Eye: Understanding & Drawing Its Forms
May 10: The Features: Depicting the Nose, the Mouth & the Ear
May 17: The Tonal Factor: Shading the Head as a Whole
May 24: What’s in a Smile? A Look at Facial Expressions

$75 for series (register online, scroll to bottom of page)
$15 at the door

Note: This lecture series is on Tuesday evenings

Lecture Series: Drawing the Features of the Head – Faigin

Drawing Features of the Head – SERIES PASS
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Structural Drawing: The Intersection Between Perspective & Anatomy

"Standing Female Nude" by Michael Grimaldi

“Standing Female Nude” by Michael Grimaldi

Michael Grimaldi
Monday – Tuesday

Structural Drawing: applications of perspectival and anatomical concepts to figure drawing from
direct observation. In this two-evening lecture series, Grimaldi will present and demonstrate
methods and strategies to effectively conceptualize form towards developing an advanced, functional understanding of anatomy, gesture, and perspective.

Lecture Price: $50

(Please note: lecture includes various hand-outs, we highly encourage online registration so we have some for everyone! Scroll to bottom of page)

Lecture Series: Structural Drawing – Grimaldi

Structural Drawing: The Intersection Between Perspective & Anatomy
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