Artist Jeffrey Simmons lectures at Gage.

Artist Jeffrey Simmons lectures at Gage.

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Artist Lecture

Greg Lundgren: Ritual, Legacy, Memorial and the Role of the Contemporary Artist
Thursday, September 18
Geo Studio
Presented in conjunction with Any Day: Artists on Death

Urn design by Greg Lundgren

pictured: urn designed by Greg Lundgren

Greg Lundgren presents his findings and beliefs about his artistic practice in the field of death.

Lundgren believes that the industry is in dire need of creative direction and innovation, and has found that death has been stigmatized, and those who work around it are often considered weird or creepy.

This lecture explores the need for artists to engage in modern day death practices.

Greg Lundgren is a Seattle-based artist, designer and curator with a diverse background in architectural design, sculpture, furniture and installation art. His understanding of architectural theory and experience in contemporary design have lead to a great diversity of projects and clients, including Disney, Paramount Pictures, Burberrys of London, Marshal Fields, Neiman Marcus, AT&T, Microsoft and a broad range of commercial and private clients.