Kimberly Trowbridge Photo by John E. Hollingsworth

Kimberly Trowbridge Photo by John E. Hollingsworth

The Trowbridge Atelier is led by acclaimed contemporary artist Kimberly Trowbridge, and is designed for students who have some experience with figure drawing and/or painting, and are ready to begin the exciting journey of developing an individual body of work.

Student-artists rigorously engage with color theory, figurative oil painting, collage and mixed-media drawing — all in the service of building a personal, visual vocabulary to develop a unique body of work.

“It is through my desire to communicate with others that I have developed a meaningful lexicon as an artist; recognizing the relationship between my creative and teaching practices has been profound for me in uncovering the role and importance of my audience. Teaching, for me, is a collaboration with my students.
-Kimberly Trowbridge

The Atelier begins in mid-September and ends in mid-March (with an optional third quarter addition); students meet for three six-hour sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Two sessions per week are with instruction from the life model. One session per week is individual studio time, with monthly group and/or individual critiques and mentoring.

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The Trowbridge Atelier is a two-quarter program (with an optional third quarter addition).

The Trowbridge Atelier is located at Gage Academy of Art’s new satellite location Gage South at Equinox Studios,  (6520 5th Ave S) in the historic Georgetown neighborhood in South Seattle.


Color for Painters, taught by Kimberly Trowbridge during fall terms at Gage Academy of Art on Friday mornings. This course may be taken concurrently with the student’s first fall term of the Atelier.

How to Register:
Pre-registration is available starting Monday, March 2nd. To reserve your spot, a non-refundable $500 deposit is required. Registration must be in-person at Gage Academy of Art, main office, 1501 10th Ave E., in order to pay deposit and sign a contract. Online registration is not currently available for this program.

2016-17 Academic Year: Monday, September 12-Friday, March 24

2016-17 Academic Tuition:

2 Qtrs without Studio Space: $4,476
2 Qtrs with Studio Space: $5,316
3 Qtrs without Studio Space: $6,516
3 Qtrs with Studio Space: $7,356
(*Learn more about the third quarter option below)
Quarterly and monthly payment plans are offered for an additional premium.


Artists in the Trowbridge Atelier receive the following:

  • 3-day/week, 2-quarter program (mid-September – mid-March) (18 hours/ week)
  • 12 hours/ week of life drawing/ painting
  • 6 hours/ week of independent studio/ critique/ mentoring
  • Access to studio equipment at Miller Art Studio, Georgetown
  • Access to Miller Art Studio, Georgetown, between fall and winter terms
  • Free access to Gage open studios during the terms
  • Free access to Gage ArtTalks, lectures, toolkits

Students have the option of a personal studio space on site (space available), or can work from their home studios on non-instruction days. Trowbridge Atelier student artists are automatically included in all free programs, exhibitions and sales opportunities at Gage’s Capitol Hill campus, as well as Georgetowns’s Art Walk and Equinox exhibitions.


Trowbridge Atelier, Spring Quarter 2017: 


The Independent Quarter is a 10-week program, running from April 11- June 16, at Gage South at Equinox. This quarter is an extension for Trowbridge Atelier and Studio Arts Intensive Students (SAI), as well as other artists, who are interested in continuing the development of independent projects in painting, drawing, and mixed media. Students will meet 3 days per week working under the mentorship of Kimberly Trowbridge, guest workshop instructor Geoff Flack, and four visiting artists for dedicated individual and group critique.  Students also have the option of combining the Independent Quarter with a special 10-day painting tour in Portugal with Trowbridge (Note: this is a separate fee & registration).

Spring Schedule
April 11 – 28  (3 weeks) with Trowbridge
Tuesdays: AM: Life Model / PM: Independent Projects/ Critiques
Thursdays: AM: Life Model / PM: Independent Projects/ Critiques
Fridays: Independent Projects/ Critiques

[May 5 – 14:  Portugal Tour with Trowbridge]
May 2- 26  (4 weeks) with Flack and Visiting Artists
Tuesdays: AM: Life Drawing with Flack / PM: Independent Projects
Thursdays: AM: Life Model  / PM: Visiting Artist Critiques
Fridays: Independent Projects

May 30 – June 16 (3 weeks) with Trowbridge
Tuesdays: AM: Plein-Air Painting / PM: Final Projects/ Critiques
Thursdays: AM: Plein-Air Painting / PM: Final Projects/ Critiques
Fridays: Final Projects/ Critiques

*3rd Quarter as an independent option: $2,040
Any student can register for this 3rd Qtr program


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