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Youth Programs | Teen Art Studios


TAS teen artist at work
Printmaking at TAS

Fridays at Gage Academy of Art
on Capitol Hill,
6:30pm-9:30pm/Ages 13-18

1501 10th Ave E.

Saturdays at The 2100 Building
in Rainier Valley,
6:30pm-9:30pm/Ages 13-18

2100 24th Ave S.

All materials provided. All levels welcome.
Space is limited, so be sure to arrive on time.

Teen Art Studios (TAS) is a free program that provides a diverse, challenging and productive environment for young artists.

Every Friday night the Gage Alhadeff Studio is transformed into a drop-in art center for teen artists and on Saturdays, Teen Art Studios sets up in The 2100 Building in Rainier Valley!

Every month a different professional artist teaches a new art form, including cartooning, figure drawing, mixed media and more. You receive focused instruction and get the chance to explore a range of different mediums and skills. Refreshments provided. Scroll down for more info.

Take a closer look inside the program and see what teens like you have to say in this awesome video from the Seattle Channel:

Seattle Channel Video can be played in Flash Player 9 and up

For general questions about Teen Art Studios, please email Youth Programs Manager Sharon Arnold, or call 206.323.4243 x17.

Note that Gage does not have an elevator. Please contact Sharon Arnold at 206.323.4243 x17 regarding ADA accommodations.

Illustration at TAS

Pete Fleming

Work in small groups to collaborate on a series of large scale two- and three-dimensional works. Focus on the importance of selection, creative decision-making and teamwork. Start with simple writing and drawing exercises, then build large collaborative drawings and sculptures. The focus of these exercises is on the idea of building through taking things apart and large scale group projects.

Emily Stout

Focus on drawing the various parts of the figure and capture the depth and volume of a body in space. Learn how to block-in shapes from light to dark, and how to realistically draw the hardest parts of people: hands, feet and faces. Discover how gesture drawings lead to more detailed studies, and look at famous works of art to see how artists have rendered the figure in art history.

Britt Rynearson

Rip, cut and layer fabrics to build a realistic image. Portray shadow and form with this original collage method. Finished pieces are glued layers of cloth mounted on a board, which can be hung on the wall; portraying a story or image from your own imagination. Make a self-portrait, a desert landscape or a realistic rendering of your own.

Self Portrait Drawing at TAS

Jeanne Dodds

Use objects and images from the natural world to create illustrations which combine a variety of materials and media. Learn specific types of animal and plant life while adding other components of observational drawing. Use a variety of materials such as watercolor, colored pencil, printmaking, stenciling, and unusual surfaces. Get inspired by other artists to develop your own series of still life and natural history illustration.

Kerstin Graudins

Use reduction printmaking, a technique where you cut away the drawn image to create multicolor prints from one piece of linoleum. Learn to reduce your image area for each color by planning a repetitive process for your carving, and how to register your images for the perfect application of all your colors. See your print evolve from one large block of color to a finely drawn graphic image!

Klara Glosova

Learn the relationship between an object and its representation in art. Examine the role of digital media and popular culture, and the profound effect they have on the information we share. Collect popular images, videos, memes and photos to see what happens when these images get used to create three-dimensional objects. This is a hands-on multimedia class using photos, sculpture, drawing and other objects to create unusual works of art.

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Gage Teen Art Studios receive support from the following organizations:
Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs    National Endowment for the Arts     Nintendo

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission.
    Washington State Arts Commission  
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