After nearly 90 years from breaking the ground, St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral is finally undergoing renovations to complete the beautiful exterior of their Seattle landmark. Construction will impact access to parking around the perimeter of the cathedral for the remainder of the year. Please be informed that any unauthorized vehicle will be towed from the south lot or any location other than Gage’s reserved spots. Gage is an urban campus and luckily there are plenty of options available for parking in the neighborhood or getting to the school by bus.

By car:

Gage Academy of the Arts is located at 1501 10th Ave E Seattle, WA 98102.

From I-5 North:

Take exit 168A for Boylston Ave toward Roanoke Street. Merge onto Boylston Ave. Take a left on Roanoke Street. Take a right on 10th Ave E. Gage will be on your right, in the St. Nicholas building next to St. Mark’s Cathedral.

From I-5 South:

Take 168A for Lakeview Blvd. Take a left on Lakeview Blvd E. Take a right on Harvard Ave E. Take a right on E Boston St. Take a right at the second cross-street onto 10th Ave E. Gage will be on your right, in the St. Nicholas building next to St. Mark’s Cathedral.


Gage has eight spots that run along the south wall of the school. These spots are clearly marked and strictly reserved for Gage students. 

There is unrestricted parking along 10th Avenue from Prospect to Blaine, two hour parking east of 10th near Volunteer Park, and four hour parking west of 10th and south of Highland. The Seattle Department of Transportation also provides a parking map for those that have question.

**Effective immediately, St. Mark’s will make 30 paid parking spots available to Gage students in the south parking lot. Parking permits will be available each quarter in three different forms: four hours, a full day, or the entire quarter. For permits and pricing, you can call St. Mark’s main office at 206.323.0300 or visit the Leffler House on the southeast corner of the St. Mark’s property. Parking permits are run by St. Mark’s and subject to change.**

Public Transit

The 49 — an affordable, hassle-free option — stops and picks up at our doorstep. The 49 travels through the U-District into downtown and meets transfers outside the University of Washington and downtown. Please check your bus schedule to see if the 49 has a stop or connection near you or refer to the Metro 49 website.

The 9 and the 60 also have stop nearby.

Capitol Hill does have a light rail station, which is about one mile south of Gage. You can access the 49 from the stop or take a Lyft or Uber from the station to the school.


For those students who are bikers, we recently installed a bike rack, something we felt was long overdue. Despite the rain, the rack has been in heavy use since installation. No more locking bikes to street signs or tree trunks.

Ride Sharing Apps

We also researched ride sharing applications and how to best use them to reach our school. Lyft and Uber were the most affordable, and we’re researching a new app called “Scoop” that’s incredibly affordable.

Here’s a great instructional on how to sign up for Lyft. Gage has a nonprofit partnership with Lyft, which means you can sign up with this link and receive a $5 discount toward your first ride.

Once you access the application on your mobile, you simply type in the address you wish to reach and make sure that the address that they are attempting to pick you up at matches your location. 

After you order a ride, Lyft will provide you with details to identify the car make and model, as well as the license plate. Most cars will have the pink Lyft logo on their windshield or bumper as well, so that’s another way to identify that you are approaching the correct car. 

For Uber, you can install the application on your mobile phone and even use it without a mobile device. Here are all the instructions you need to sign up for Uber.

Once you have signed up for Uber, we recommend using UberX if you wish to travel alone at a reasonable rate, or UberPool if you don’t mind carpooling with other app users to reduce your fare.

Uber functions similarly to Lyft, with details provided up front and a map to show that your pick-up location and destination addresses match with what you had provided.

Scoop is still in its early stages in Seattle — we’re testing it out and will let you know if we recommend it or not

Art & Material Drop-Off:

Art supplies and bags can be dropped off in the Gage building breezeway, located in the back left corner of St. Nick’s. Simply continue straight past the Gage entryway and the Drop-Off will be on your right.

If you have any special needs or questions about transportation or parking, please reach out to Gage at 206.323.4243.