Sketchbook In The City

Barbara Fugate received her MFA in painting from Miami University of Ohio. She has exhibited in Kentucky, Washington and New York and is published in “The Best of Drawing and Sketching” by Terry Sullivan, “Landscape Painting” by Mitch Abala, and “Contemporary Drawing” by Margaret Davidson. Barbara teaches at Gage Academy of Art, and conducts art workshops in Washington and abroad. “Drawing and painting is about discovery, revealing a reality that is ever more authentic and genuine to me. What is most inspirational is the transient nature of life; things dynamic, moving, and in transition.” –Barbara Fugate
11:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M.
Class will be meeting offsite at various locations
Class time is 11:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. and not 1:30-4:30 P.M.
Our First Meeting is at WOODLAND PARK ZOO (you must pay the entrance fee, it is not included in this class).

Please bring all of the following materials for the first class meeting:

  • Heavy weight DRAWING PAPER PAD: Stiff-backed spiral sketchbook: no smaller than 9 x 12″ up to 11 x 14″. Choose either: 90 lb –110 lb. weight of paper. Be sure the sketchbook has at least one hard-sided cardboard backing and has a spiral binding. Some good brands to choose from:
    • CANSON Drawing paper book (black hard sided cover and backing boards, spiral bound)
    • CANSON Classic Drawing ; 24 sheets; 90 lb; cream/white
    • ROBERT BATEMAN, Cover Series; 50 sheets; 110 lb
  • SKETCH PAPER PAD: 9 x 12″, 50 sheet pad. I recommend the “Biggie Sketch” made by Canson, 50 lb. (125 pages) white drawing paper
  • 2 sticks BLACK Conté Crayon: 2B is best
  • 1 set of OPAQUE WATERCOLOR (12 colors): I recommend PELIKAN brand found at Dick Blick store—if another brand, be sure it’s opaque watercolors
  • Small to Medium size watercolor round for opaque watercolor set
  • 1 white plastic eraser–STAEDLER/MARS BRAND is best
  • small CHAMOIS

Other Supplies:

  • Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and a hat with a brim (ball cap is great). Dressing in layers is advisable
  • A water bottle is always good to have for drinking water
  • OPTIONAL: if you have colored pencils or water-soluble crayons or pencils you can bring them

I carry all my sketching materials in a messenger-type satchel that has a shoulder strap—very comfortable and keeps your hands free. A back pack is another option. We walk quite a bit from one animal to another at the zoo, so less weight to carry is best.

LOCATION TO MEET AT WOODLAND PARK ZOO, 1:30pm: The Rainforest Café (food pavilion) located close to the WEST GATE ENTRANCE off of Phinney Avenue North at 1:30 PM. We will gather at a table—look for me with sketchbooks on the table.

Bring your studio outside into Seattle city parks as you study form and mark-making with materials such as conté crayon and opaque watercolor. Meet in a different park each class, with every location offering different subjects and environments. Explore variety of line, form in space, texture, value and composition while drawing animals at Woodland Park Zoo, plants in the Volunteer Park Conservatory, sculpture at the Olympic Sculpture Park, shapes at Gas Works Park, and more.