New Sensibilities: an Artist Talk Series with Gary Faigin

As we witness cultural and socio-economic changes in the fabric of our society, contemporary artists, today more than ever before, stand at the forefront of capturing the new sensibilities emerging from such profound transformations. Recognizing that the mission of art is to embody new values and place them in circulation, New Sensibilities, Gage Academy of Art’s new series of artist talks, is dedicated to exploring  the work of artists who are responding, through their artistic practice, to the complex cultural, political and aesthetic changes. The goal of New Sensibilities, Artist Talk Series is to be a point of departure and a pivot to further generative inquiry, connection and action. 

All art talks are virtual, and will be taking place via Zoom.

Art Talks are FREE to the public, but registration is required.

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Fall 2020

The Visionary Portraits of Adam Rodgers
with Adam Rodgers

Thursday | Nov 12 | 12:30pm-1:45pm

Young Los Angeles painter Adam Rodgers came back from a sojourn in Africa very charged up about what he had seen. The resulting portrait series, depicting the people he encountered, uses a wide variety of materials, ranging from African moths to circuit boards, to transform his images into something magical and almost otherworldly. His presentation includes time-lapse videos of his works in progress, with sound tracks of traditional music he recorded in Africa. We’ll talk to Adam about his original techniques, as well as the stories behind his striking and expressive images.

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Storytelling in Multiple Media
with Barbara Earl Thomas

Thursday | Dec 10 | 12:30pm-1:45pm

Artist Barbara Earl Thomas is a longtime fixture on the Seattle art scene, having exhibited, written, and curated in the region for over 30 years. Her artwork spans the full range of media, including egg tempera painting, glass, cut paper, linocut and woodblock prints, sculpture, and installation. What it all has in common is her focus on storytelling, expressing her own experiences moving to Pacific NW with her family from the rural South, as well as depicting characters and beasts that express serious social issues, what she calls “the plague of our times”. Our talk coincides with the opening of her one-woman exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum, The Geography of Innocence, which we will use as a focal point for our conversation.

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