Gage Introduces a
New Summer Subscription
Plan for Kids 6-11


Make art this summer!  For 6-11 year olds we are offering a monthly and summer-long subscription for daily dance moves and creative projects. Start your day with 2 hours of unique structured art and movement lessons from professional teaching artists. Join us from your backyard or living room, any where with Wi-Fi and room to move.

Additional class information and art supplies can be found below in the class schedule section.

Register Here:

July Subscription:    6/29 – 7/31
August Subscription:    8/3 – 8/28


All Classes take place between 10:00AM – 12:30PM with a half hour break at 11:00AM


Dance Instructor: Jeremias Lentini
Art Instructor: Kamyar Mohsenin

Explore the fun and dynamic dance styles of Latin America while creating your own animated short using easy and accessible stop motion techniques with paper and objects.

Dance notes:
Please wear clothing that is comfortable and that your student can move in! Students can take class in socks or be barefoot. Make sure the student is in a space where they have a bit of room to move forward, backward and side to side.

Art Supplies:
Supplies can be purchased HERE

Paper, Scissors, iPhone, Stop Motion App, Pencils, Colored Construction Paper, Glue stick.

Plastilina Clay (3D) (Optional)


Dance: Keon Price
Art: Wyly Astley

Unleash your imagination while choreographing your own site inspired dance moves and creating your own stuffed characters and creatures in colorful felt and fabrics.

Dance Notes: 
Please wear clothing that is comfortable and that your student can move in! Students can take class in socks or be barefoot. Make sure the student is in a space where they have a bit of room to move forward, backward and side to side.

Art Supplies:
From home, if you have it:
-Old clothes you can cut up
-Fabric from your stash
-Sewing needles and threads
-Embroidery needle and floss
-Polyester stuffing, foam or shredded old towels/rags or t-shirts or socks with holes in
-Grocery bags or other larger paper
-Pencils, pens, markers, eraser
-Shoe or other box (for habitat)

If you don’t have fabric or these other items at home, you can pick them up at JoAnns or other fabric shop:
-10 pieces of inexpensive craft felt, and/or
-Check the Odds and Ends bin for fabric you like
-Sewing needles, size 7 is good, and a spool of all-purpose thread in a color you like
-Embroidery needle and floss – One color of floss will do but choose as many as you like.
-One bag of poly-fil

Dance: Eduardo Mendonca
Art: Jonathan Tune

Learn to play Brazilian music with traditional instruments, buckets, plastic oil pans and anything that can make a sound while creating sculptures or buildings and objects with cardboard, glue and paint working with your classmates create a dream city.

Art Supplies:

Cardboard boxes, paper towel tubes, any other clean recycling. (It would be good to start collecting these things now—clean cartons, plastic bottles. Boxes, tubes, bottle caps!) Sharp scissors. Hot glue gun (very important). Acrylic paint in assorted colors. Flat felt in various colors. Needle and thread. Fabric scraps. Pencil and paper for sketching. Loose cotton or fabric scraps for stuffing. Aluminum foil. 3 or 4 packs of Sculpey or other polymer clay.

Dance:Jeremias Lentini
Art: Wyly Astley

Imagine what its like to be an animal through creature inspired yoga moves, colorful drawings and your very own animal mask! You’ll play with your virtual classmates in an animal stampede- and unleash your imagination through art and movement.

Art Supplies:
-2 cups White PVC glue (like Elmer’s)
-Drawing paper
-Markers, pencils, etc
-Whole roll of masking tape
-5 Cereal or frozen pizza boxes
-2 or 3 brown grocery bags
-Assortment of acrylic paint, especially white
-Paint brushes
-Pillow, empty milk jug or stuffed canvas tote
Optional: Soft wire, hot glue gun and glue

Dance: Amelia Bolyard
Art: Dovey Martinez

Learn about endagered creatures with your classmates. You’ll use found and recycled materials to build cozy animal habitats from urchins to eagles, while stretching your creative muscles with movement games and modern dance techniques.


Dance: Amelia Bolyard
Art: Willow Heath

Draw and Paint nature and wildlife art to share with family and friends, while listening to instructor Willow Heath’s engaging storytelling. High kick, sashay and jazzhand your way into your very own choreographed production, inspired by musical theatre and ensemble dance.

Dance: Amelia Bolyard
Art: Willow Heath

Draw and Dance your own story. Create your own music and bring it to life by using improvisation, story-sharing and choreography. Using water colors and color pencils draw colorful creatures from fairy tales, mythology and your own imagination. You’ll learn shading and coloring techniques to make your creatures come to life.

Dance: Margaret Johnson
Art: Dawson Walker

The week is all about you! Tell your story through dance and movement while creating a series of painted selves in colorful paint and mixed media.

Dance: Silvio Alexio Dos Reis
Art: Jonathan Tune

Develop body awareness, strength and teamwork with Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines acrobatics, music, history and philosophy. You’ll use a variety of materials to design and manufacture your very own fleet of vehicles.